Friday, May 30, 2014

What. A. Day.

Oy vey, today was a doozie. I very rarely arrive at the end of any day thinking, "I want wine, and LOTS of it!" but I did tonight. (No wine in the house though, so that was a good thing!)
How to sum it up?
While running errands to prepare for my "little"brother's graduation dinner I was hosting tonight, our ONE AND ONLY CAR blew a head gasket. Anyone who is reading this who knows anything about cars just sucked in their breath and said, "A head gasket? Yikes! Those are expensive!" Yup. They are. About $2,800.
Pardon me while I swallow my tongue.


Instead of focusing on that, I'm going to focus on what m thankful for today.
1. I got to spend some time chatting with one of my best friends this morning.
2. She gave us about eleventy four pounds of meat because their freezer is on the fritz. Steaks, hamburger meat, brisket, a roast, some jalapeƱo venison brats, and fabulous summer sausage...I just drooled. (Bad for them, great for us!)
3. She and her husband are letting us use their car until ours is fixed.
4. I got to spend time with my Momb because she came to our rescue with AAA card in hand so our van could be towed. (I always knew she was Superwoman!)
5. I got to spend time with my dad, who loaned us his car so we could go out and get the OTHER loaner car.
6. We are healthy.
7. The car is fixable.
8. Troy has a good job.
9. Declan lost 2 teeth within 25 minutes of each other on the left side if his head and kind of looks like a hillbilly.
10. Reilly sent me this text while I was at Midas:

(She realized she left out a "Him"...)

So, I think that, at the end of the day, I'm doing well. Even without wine!

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