Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cleaning Day

While the Peegies are mostly Reilly's responsibility, I do take it upon myself to clean their cage once a week. After all, we only have two peegies because we decided that the one she already had there needed a companion. (We won't discuss how much I'm obsessed with these guys myself! That might be embarrassing…)
So on Saturdays, they get a full cage clean out, and yesterday lent itself to a whole photo essay.

Rubio: "Hey, where did all our stuff go?!"

"I really need to get in there..."

"Hmmmm, that really looks like a place for me."

"Maybe if I just streeeetttch and jump..."

"Oooo, look at all this SPACE! Now, where is my food bowl?"

Cappie: "Hey! Wait! Why are you in THERE and I'm out HERE?!?"

Rubio: "Now, where's our food bowl? And our hay? We're gonna STARVE in here!"
Cappie, singing, "Nobody knowwwws the trouble I've seeeeen..." (If he had a wee tin cup, he'd be banging it on the bars!)

"Whew! Hay! Just in time!"

"Aaaah, sweet, sweet sustenance!"

"Now, for a nap!"

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