Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Changes...They May Be A'Comin!

I've been thinking about something lately. 
See, I started this blog as The Karate Mom waaay back when I was actually taking karate. I had advanced to the rank of purple belt, which means my next test would have been for third degree brown, which is farther than I ever thought I would go. I had sparred many, many people, competed, broken lots of boards, broken concrete, participated in many karate demos, and had lots of fun. Then, I decided that I was ready to have my Thursday nights back to myself. It has been about three years since I quit and I've not once regretted that decision.
So, I'm not The Karate Mom any more.
I have become, however, an avid rollerblader. Since receiving my beloved skates as a Valentine's day present from Troy, I have probably put two hundred miles on them. I own safety gear...because that's smart! Pebbles can really sneak up on you! (And OUCH when they do!) I actually own an extra set of axles, and have had to rotate my wheels because of wear. This is something I DO! A lot!
And when I'm skating, things happen: funny things, poignant things, silly things, things that make me angry or thoughtful or that make me laugh. I see things and hear things and experience things, and sometimes I want to share them.
So I'm thinking of changing the blog from The Karate Mom to Insights From Inlines. Or Reflections From Rollerblades. Or Ruminations on Riverside. Or A Funny Thing Happened as I Skated On the River...wait, that last one might be too long. Then using this as a place to share the things I think about.
What do you think?
Have you died of boredom yet?

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Natalie Carretto said...

I like Reflections From Rollerblades...but I'll pretty much be reading your blog no matter what you decide to call it. :)