Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Oh, The Places I'll Go

Yeah, that really doesn't have any bearing on anything I'm about to say, but it's running through my head right now and it seemed like maybe getting it OUT of my head will free me from it.
Or something.
I don't know.
It seemed like a good title.
So, where have I been going lately...let me think.
Well, I went to the Mom & Me camp out with Declan this past Saturday, despite the fact that all week long, the weather men kept saying that SEVERE WEATHER was going to hit on Friday and last all day Saturday. I don't know if this happens where YOU live, but here in Oklahoma, it's not uncommon for the weather men to predict SEVER WEATHER or HUGE SNOWSTORMS or SOMETHING BIG LIKE THAT and then nothing happens, so I pretty much ignored them. (Friday weather was perfectly clear, BTW!) This led to us heading out to camp on Saturday morning, setting up our tents in sprinkles, getting rained on off and on all day, and then packing up our two tents and some sopping gear at 6:30 on Saturday evening, in a torrential downpour, after nearly getting blown off the path by what felt like a mini-tornado as we walked (sprinted!) up to dinner. Fun times, fun times, let me tell you. I kept telling him, "Hey, it's an adventure!" I also told him that the lesson that we learned from all of this was that if the weather men predict SEVERE WEATHER and we're going to camp out, just plan to stay for the day. Just in case they're right.

This morning, I went for coffee with a friend of mine, which was fun. I think that the biggest milestone that we're at right now is that I can leave The Kids to do schoolwork at home while I run errands...or have coffee with a friend!...and they actually DO their work!

Right now, speaking of school, I'm going to go and give Declan his spelling test. Have a great day, y'all! I know I plan to!

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Natalie Carretto said...

Yeah, that sounds like a little more "adventure" than I'm up for!