Saturday, September 08, 2012

My Future Plans

Here's something you may not know about me: when The Kids are out of the house, I want to begin to build and furnish an extremely detailed doll house. My vision, actually, is that it would be a four or six room apartment house, with each apartment having a very distinct owner. The old lady's apartment would have doilies on the backs of the arm chairs and probably a tea service sitting on the antique coffee table. Maybe a tiny bottle of Maalox or some itty bitty false teeth in a glass beside the bed. There would be a  young couple's apartment, possibly with a baby crib in the corner and some toys scattered about. I see a bachelor pad, complete with dirty clothes and pizza boxes strewn about and a BIG T.V. dominating the scene. There could also be a student's apartment with thick (well, thick by doll house standards!) textbooks on the table and tiny cans of Red Bull.
I have had this vision since walking into a miniature shop in Colorado on our honeymoon, sixteen years ago, and I can see it as clearly today as I did back then. I just hope that I get to do it some day!
(This is what got me to thinking about all of this this particular morning! The Blogess's Haunted Dollhouse)

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