Thursday, May 24, 2012

Supey POD

The Kids are currently in Colorado with
Troy's dad and stepmom, which is quite a change. All told, by the time we go and pick them up, they will have been gone two and a half weeks! Before they left, Reilly said something about how she was going to miss Schmoopy, which is one of probably a dozen nicknames for the cat. (Supey us his REAL name, and it's short for SuperCat.) So I told her that I would email her pictures of Supey, and have done so, faithfully! I decided if share a few here, since they really kind of capture how weird cats really are.
This one was on the first day after they left. Supey was up on Deco's top bunk, just like he owned the place!

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Natalie Carretto said...

That cat makes me miss Eggar!