Thursday, May 03, 2012


No, this post isn't about shooting. Although maybe it could be. No, wait, it couldn't, because I don't know all that much about shooting. I mean, I know how to load a hand gun, and I know where the trigger is and that you don't point the end with the hole at anything that you don't want damaged. I know how to hold the gun in the "safe position", which might possibly be the most important thing to know about a gun, and I can (sometimes) hit a target when shooting. But, this post isn't about guns.
It's about stuff that's been going on in life. And, since there's been quite a bit of days since I said anything about stuff that's been going on in life, I decided that bullet points would be easier because that way I don't have to tie the things together. That would tax my brain too much.

  • When we started P90X, I could do one guy-style push up. Yes, that says ONE. Uno. As in a single push up without my knees on the ground. Since push ups seem to be a staple in several of the workouts, that's how I did them - knees down. A couple of weeks ago, I decided it was time to step it up and switch from girly push ups to manly push ups. I did one hundred ten push ups through the course of the workout that day. ONE. HUNDRED. TEN. As in 110 times more than when I started. Yeah, that felt good. 
  • Troy has lost fifty pounds! WOOT!
  • In a week and a half, The Kids are going to Colorado with my FIL and MIL to spend two and a half weeks with them. I alternate between being excited about all the free time I'm going to have and feeling a bit of panic over how much I'm worried I'm going to miss them!
  • I want to repaint the bathroom while The Kids are gone. It's covered in this fairly busy wallpaper which is peeling over the shower and, really, all it would take is a couple of gallons of paint to do the job. Well, paint and peeling of wallpaper and stripping and sanding of cabinet doors and fixing of a hole in the wall that's hidden by the wallpaper and, basically, lots of elbow grease and time. But, since The Kids will be gone, I'm thinking I'll need something to fill the time.
  • We spent last weekend in Branson at Silver Dollar City, which was LOTS of fun. We realized that it was the first time we had been there with just the four of us in a long time. Last year we took guests each time we went, which was also lots of fun. But it was nice for us to just hang out together for the weekend.
I think that's it for now. Wow, that was fairly painless, wasn't it? Wasn't it? Helloooo? Are you still there?

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Mama Teaching 3 said...

I so want to do P90X!!!! You go girl!!!

I know you will find lots to do when the children are gone. :) But it is so hard to see them go.