Monday, March 05, 2012

Time, It's A-Flyin'!

How can it be? How can nine years have passed since this little guy was born? I just don't understand because it feels like it was just yesterday that he arrived. It feels like I took the picture above and then blinked and now he's a bit taller than my shoulder.

 How can it be that the little guy in this picture:

is now the big kid in this picture?

Here are some of Declan's favorite things as he turns 9:
Favorite color: "I like a lot, but I'd have to say blue. But not baby blue."
Favorite book: "Ooo, that's tough. OH! I like Journey to the Center of the Earth!"
Favorite food: "Can it be junk food? Because it's totally pizza. Pizza is junk food, tragically."
Favorite movie: "OH! I know my favorite! Journey to the Mysterious Island! It was awesome."
Favorite superhero: "WOLVERINE!"
Favorite thing to play: "Play supers. You act like you're the super heroes and use your imagination." (His first answer was playing Capture the Flag, but then he said he didn't play it a lot. I pointed out to him that I was looking for things that he ACTUALLY did!)
Favorite animal: "Not an orangutan. WOLVERINES! They're really cool!"

Happy birthday, Declan! You make me laugh!

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