Wednesday, March 07, 2012

133 Days!

I was just looking back through my blog and realized that I have a post from back in November that is titled "10 Days!", and which talks about the beginning of our workout routine with P90X.
I'm very, very excited to say that yesterday marked 133 days of working out! We are in our third week of our second round of P90X and have been working out six days a week since that first post.
OK, there were a couple of exceptions - we didn't work out on Christmas Day, and I didn't work out while I was at Disneyland with my friend Natalie. She and I DID walk about 60 miles over the three and a half days that we were there, though, so I think that counts for something! And Troy was still working out here at home! Also, Troy and The Kids and I went to Austin the week after that to visit Troy's mom, and he and I only exercised two of the four days we were there. That was technically the week off between our two rounds, so I don't feel too bad about that, either.
So, you might be wondering about if we've seen any results from all this flailing and sweating and grunting. Or, you might be smacking yourself in the head with your keyboard because you're bored to death and don't care about our health or the proactive stance we're taking toward becoming less jiggly. (If you're THAT person, well, I suggest you skip on to another blog because I'm not done talking exercise yet!)
Troy has lost over 30 pounds since we started! He looks SO great! All kinds of muscle definition in his arms - ROWR!!
I have only lost about six pounds, but I had to go and buy new jeans because the ones I bought right before we started were almost literally sliding off as I walked. (Heaven help me if I had to run!) So, apparently I've lost quite a few inches, although, unfortunately, I didn't actually take measurements before I started.
I've gone from being able to do about 8 regular girl-style push ups and 1 man-style push up in week one to 20+ girly push ups and 9 manly ones here in week 19. (I am AMAZED at the difference in strength required between doing girly push ups and manly ones!)
I still can't do a chin up. Oh well! When we started, I was using a 3 pound dumbbell for arm and shoulder exercises and now I use 10 pounds for most of them. (7.5 pounds for shoulder and back flys because THOSE THINGS ARE HARD!!)
I'm writing all of this down for two reasons. One, to remind myself how far I've come. This is the hardest physical thing I've ever done in my life and, honestly, were it not for Troy keeping me motivated, I probably would have quit long ago. The other reason is that I figure that someone might stumble across this and  think, "Hmmm...if SHE can do this, maybe I can, too!"
I'll spare you the "official" before and right-now pictures that we took because I don't want to scare you. (I'm wearing shorts and a sports bra in them...EEEK!) However, here are a couple of regular pictures that, I believe, show a difference.


Katherine said...

Y'all look great!!!! That is so exciting and encouraging! I am very impressed. I really think 6 pounds is a lot, and think how much muscle you are gaining. Women don't lose weight like men, but I can totally tell. Woohoo!!!

Ched said...

You're doing great, Babe!!!!