Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Outside my window... there is a gorgeous day. Sunshine, warm temps, literally feels like Spring. I hear Reilly and Declan playing in the front yard with the neighbor (who, consequently, is wearing Deco's punk rock wig and sunglasses. Wonder what they're playing?), and some dogs barking.

Side note - Exactly one year ago today, we here in Oklahoma had just experienced a record-breaking amount of snow. Twenty-one inches, I believe, and drifts up to four feet high. School closed for two weeks. For two days, Troy could not go to work.It was unbelievable.

I am thinking... about the Children's Musical practice at church tonight, about fun plans with friends this weekend, about a date night with Troy on Friday, about a trip I'm taking with a friend next week. Very excited for the trip, but trying to not to show it too much, as I don't want my family to feel bad. It's hard, though.

I am thankful for... oh, so much - my husband who is napping in the bedroom, my kids hollering outside, my silly cat who only sits on my lap by choice when I'm in the office, coffee brewing in the kitchen, a "pie date" tonight with my best friend of 25 years.

From the school room... today Alana and Zane (our homeschooled neighbors) came over and had school here so that their mom could go and visit HER mom in the hospital. So school was a little different! 

From the kitchen... Portugese Kale Soup - YUM! Kale, leeks, kidney beans, stewed tomatoes, garlic and turkey sausage.

I am wearing... a basic shirt and brand new jeans, just purchased today, which are a size SMALLER than I used to wear! Yes, I had to buy new jeans because my others were TOO BIG. Thank you, P90X! And Troy, for inspiring me to continue working out!

I am reading... Wicked and another book called Blink, which is by Ted Dekker. Yes, I'm reading two books at once! Doesn't everyone do that?

I am hoping... that this summer isn't brutally hot, seeing as how our current temperatures are about 20 degrees above normal!

I am hearing... hollering kids, birds, cars, barking dogs. The screen door opening and shutting.

One of my favorite things... coffee. I'm on a complete coffee kick lately, drinking it when I get up in the morning and then craving a cup or two in the afternoon!

A few plans for the rest of the week: basketball and cheerleading practice tomorrow night (both of The Kids do these things through Upward), date with Troy on Friday, basketball game and cheering at a basketball game on Saturday, possibly going over to hang out with friends on Saturday afternoon, Super Bowl party on Sunday with our small group from church. 


Mama Teaching 3 said...

Spring has sprung here. It is a little scary because it has never been this early here. Literally four weeks ago the legs fell from the trees. They are now budding. I know it is the south...but come one! HA HA HA

Enjoy your sweet life, friend. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, God is good.....all the time!!! Love n stuff, m