Monday, December 05, 2011

Traditions - December 5th - Christmas Dishes

This tradition is going to be shorter, seeing as how I just wrote a REALLY long post all about our Christmas movies, and I don't want to bore you to tears during this time of Yuletide joy!
The actual tradition du jour for the 5th of December is my Christmas dishes. Several years ago, my mom bought for us a set of Christmas dishes - white with holly leaves and berries around the edge. The set came with dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, tea cups and saucers. It's just beautiful!Then, last year, she bought another set for me. It's not exactly the same, which I love. The one Martha Stewart-esque thing about me is a love of setting an eclectic table with mismatched dishes. (Probably because, most of the time, we're missing a dish or two because I've broken them. Necessity is the mother of eccentricity!) The newer dishes are rimmed in green and have a Christmas tree in the middle.
The very best thing about these dishes are that they are really for every day use. And that's where the tradition comes in. I pack away most of our regular dishes and mugs, and we use our Christmas dishes for the entire Christmas season. (They're dishwasher safe, which makes it that much easier! I'm not sure this tradition would have stood the test of time if I had to hand-wash everything!)


Rhonda said...

I am really enjoying all of these Christmas tradition posts. You are bringing back so many memories of my favorite holiday. There is one little cup and saucer that we use every Christmas to place cookies and milk in for Santa Claus. It was given to my oldest daughter when she was around 3 years old and she is now 17! These will be passed along to her when she has a child of her own. Your dishes sound lovely.

Mama Teaching 3 said...

I love using the Christmas dishes my MIL gifted me years ago.