Friday, December 23, 2011

Traditions - December 23rd - Yeah...I'm behind

So, as we can all tell, apparently I simply cannot blog every day. I'm just glad I don't get paid for this because, well, I'd be fired by now.
I'm not going to try and make up the last eleven days of traditions, so you don't have to flee the room in terror that I'm going to bore you to death. As I thought about it, many of my traditions are things that everyone does - baking, decorating, etc. - and I found it frustrating, trying to think of ways that I do these things differently than everyone else does.
I did think of one that's unique, though. Many years ago,  my aunt bought a beautiful, cream-colored, damask tree skirt for us for Christmas. The year Reilly was born, I decided that, each year, I was going to embroider her hand prints on the tree skirt in gold thread. For the first three years, I did both hands, with the year underneath them. Then, when Declan was born, I switched to one hand for each of them, with their initial in the middle. (It was much easier!) It's really neat to see how much bigger their hand prints have gotten!
Another tradition that goes along with this one is that I always trace their hands on it at the END of the season, and then lay it aside to embroider, resolving that I'll do it BEFORE next year. Then, three months later, I put the skirt in storage and don't get it back out until we get out the decorations the next year!

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