Friday, December 02, 2011

Traditions: December 1st and 2nd - Pastries and Lights and Soup! Oh, My!

I love traditions. I mean, almost obsessively love traditions. So much so that it feels like the world tilts on its axis a bit if we can't DO one of them. Back in November, Troy mentioned watching a new Christmas movie that we had gotten and I said, "NO! It's a tradition that we don't watch a Christmas movie until Thanksgiving night, after the 'lights on' at the Square!" (More on that later...) He looked a little confused and remarked that he didn't really recall that that was a tradition. I realized that, so far, we had done that ONCE because we didn't have anyone join us for "lights on". (Apparently, doing something that I enjoy ONCE turns it into a tradition to me!)
So, I am challenging myself this December to share one of our family holiday traditions with you (all four of you!) each day. Some might be long standing traditions, some might be a little more recently added, (like the movie thing!) but they will all be things that I look forward to doing to usher in the Christmas season.
Since it's December 2nd and I only had this brilliant idea about five minutes ago, I'll share TWO with you today. (Hey, bonus! Two for the price of one! Yippee!)

Tradition Number 1: Thanksgiving Butter Braid - In this part of the U.S., many organizations sell Butter Braids as a fundraiser. Reilly's American Heritage Girl troop sold them a couple of years ago, and I was hooked. Butter Braids are frozen filled pastries that you put in the (cold) oven overnight to rise overnight, and then bake in the morning. I get one for Thanksgiving morning and one for Christmas morning!

Tradition Number 2: Lights On at the Square, plus Corn Soup: On Thanksgiving night, there is a high-society outdoor shopping center (I'll call it The Square) that lights all of their trees at once, officially starting the Christmas shopping season. We go at 6:30 when they start singing carols and then, at 7:00, Santa arrives and flips the switch to illuminate the night. Then we come home and eat corn soup and bread sticks! Sometimes we have friends join us for this end-of-Thanksgiving tradition, sometimes it's just us. This year, since I was sick, was the first year since 1998 that we couldn't go to The Square. :(


Rhonda said...

I love traditions! I am another one who will not watch a Christmas movie until our Thanksgiving has ended. I refuse to put up my Christmas tree until after our Thanksgiving festivities are over with also. This weekend the family is headed to my moms and all of the grandkids will be decorating her tree. It is becoming a bit harder to do because some of the grandkids are older and married. but I hope that it is one tradition that never ends in our family.

Mama Teaching 3 said...

Me, too! I love traditions! My men look forward to all the sweetness!