Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nothing to Do with Traditions!

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with Christmas traditions, but I wanted to share it anyway. Because it made me laugh. A lot!

Declan, who is eight, has a great sense of humor but can often really over-do a joke. I think that's a common quality in all eight-year-olds, especially boys. So, we were at dinner and he had done something funny by accident, then, when it got a laugh, proceeded to do it two more times. Then, this conversation happened:
Me: "My mom used to call that 'running it in the ground'."
Declan: "Guess what? My mom STILL calls that 'running it in the ground'!"
Oh, I foresee many hilarious conversations with him as he grows! He has The Reilly Gene big time - my Grandpa Charlie was a very funny man, so we call that silliness The Reilly Gene. (And, yes, my Reilly is named for the Reilly side of the family!) It's so much fun to watch his comedic timing mature.

Also, bonus story: I fed Supey a marshmallow and laughed a LOT when it got stuck on his raspy tongue thingys! I took a video on my phone and I'll try to figure out how to upload it. (I know you're waiting with bated breath!)

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Mama Teaching 3 said...

Hee hee...yes we have some comedians here, too! I am waiting for the video.