Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So, Did You All Have a Good Thanksgiving?

We did! Well, I mean, despite the fact that I managed to wake up with a stomach bug on Thanksgiving morning which caused me to feel nauseous every time I got up to walk around and didn't allow me to eat anything but half of a roll and a bread stick all day long, we had a great Thanksgiving. Hey, I will say that having a stomach bug is a GREAT way to ensure that you don't over eat on a holiday! Let's just all pray that there is no repeat of this on Christmas because I can't imagine trying to make merry and open presents and everything while feeling like I want to ralph every time I stand up. Plus, I really missed having turkey and trimmings. Leftovers are great, but just not the same!
Our house is officially turned into Christmas land now! Declan was DYING to get the decorations up, so we pulled them all out on Sunday afternoon. I think that this year was the first year that Reilly and Deco helped decorate throughout the entire process. Usually they fade off about halfway through, but they stuck it out the whole time. Reilly wanted to be in charge of putting out the Christmas bears, and she took that job very seriously, carefully choosing which ones were going to make the cut this year. (We have too many, some have to stay in storage!) Declan was in charge of setting up the Playmobil Nativity. I looked at it yesterday and realized that he set it so that all of the people AND all of the animals in the scene are bowing to the Baby Jesus. He has the right idea, yeah?
One of our favorite things to do leading up to Christmas is the Advent calendar. We have one with pockets that I fill with candy of some sort - this year it's Andes mints and KitKat bars! I may have to knock one of The Kids out of the way to take a turn this year. I also bought a Playmobil Santa's Post Office Advent calendar, and my mom got each of The Kids one of those ones that has a piece of chocolate behind each door. Add to that the snowman with the candy cane that you move from day to day, PLUS the Hallmark ornament that I bought at a garage sale that counts down to Christmas, and I think I have to say that we are the family who is most prepared to know EXACTLY how many days there is until Christmas!
P90X is still going well! I even did it last Thursday when I was sick. Not that that makes me a superstar or anything. I'm actually just kind of clueless because, when we did it, I just didn't realize that I was actually sick. I thought I had just eaten too many snacks at a friend's house the night before. Or that I was somehow hung over from the two glasses of wine in four hours that I had consumed, despite the fact that I was not even close to the region of "tipsy". (I really was thinking, "Whaaat?! I know don't drink alcohol often, but, really, I'm not THAT much of a lightweight, am I?") We're in Week 3 and, while I still feel like I do plenty of flailing around, I'm pretty sure I'm stronger than when I started, and there are a couple of places on my body that don't jiggle quite as much. Hey, that's really all I'm shooting for with this craziness - little to no jiggle!


Natalie Carretto said...

Stomach bug on Thanksgiving...that stinks! Here's hoping that you get all the turkey and trimmings that you can handle on Christmas!

Rhonda said...

So sorry to hear about your Thanksgiving was not all that you hoped for. :0( Our was pretty good. We had gumbo at my sis's and by the time we got to my in-laws there wasn't any food left so I can join you in saying that I did not eat any turkey for Thanksgiving. :0( I was thankful for being with family though.

Your holiday season sounds like it is going very well. I loved hearing about the Nativity. That was just the sweetest little story.

Nice going on the exercise! Ugh! How I do not like that word at all. I really need to get off my butt and get in gear. Too many things are starting to jiggle on me.