Monday, September 12, 2011

Cub World 2011

Sunset over Cub World
Going out to Cub World with our Cub Scout pack is, by far, my favorite way to camp. It's a one night campout and all the moms and siblings are invited. Troy and a couple of other leaders head out the night before to set up the cooking area and get other things ready. An extra added bonus for ME is that this means that when I arrive on Saturday morning with Reilly, the tent is already set up. It's ALMOST like arriving at the Holiday Inn Express. Except for the sleeping bags and cots instead of sheets and beds...and the lack of a shower.
The kids spend a good portion of the day running amok, finding bugs and lizards, and discovering exactly how much dust and debris can stick to their skin, hair, clothes, and shoes.
This year we had the honor of staying at the Castle campsite - an incredible three-level castle structure, perfect for the water balloon battle that was held in the afternoon. This was AFTER they got to play on the 40-foot long slip 'n slide that the leaders constructed out of plastic sheeting and pool noodles. It was AWESOME! There was BB shooting and archery, plus some skits and jokes after dinner and a snipe hunt in the dark (Declan's most anticipated activity!) which all made for an incredibly fun Saturday. And some unbelievably exhausted kids!
Preparing for the Snipe Hunt
We all arose early on Sunday, which kind of surprised me. I mean, who would expect that everyone would play so hard on Saturday, stay up so far past any semblance of regular bedtime, and STILL be up before seven o'clock on Sunday morning? Sheesh! There was breakfast, chapel, a flag ceremony, and a flurry of packing up and scoping the campsite for trash, then we all headed home. Personally, I was ready for a nap by 11:00! I found one pair of Declan's socks that I was a little concerned would come to life in my washing machine, so I tossed them out. It's standard camp procedure, I think.
The sacrificed socks!
All in all, a fantastic weekend!


Rhonda said...

Oh how I love camping! I can't wait for our fall weather to get here so that my family and I can go. It sounds like a truly wonderful time. I cracked up at the socks! I don't have a boy, but I sure do have a little girl that can gets hers dirty just like that.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful sunset....glad you have so much fun as a family. Love, m