Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Bruiser: The Saga of the Fridge (Or "How A Great Deal Cost Us Around $3,000!)

As you all may or may not know, a few years ago we got a new fridge. Actually, I'm thinking that you may NOT know this information for one of two reasons: 1.) I did not write about it or 2.) I DID write about it but you don't remember because, really, who keeps track of some random person's appliance purchases? (Come to think of it, it's a funny world when people actually even consider writing about their appliance purchases.)
Anyway, whether you know it or not, we got a new fridge a few years ago. Being the Dave Ramsey uber-fans that we are, I took cash to the appliance store and started my search. I had every intention of bartering with the sales person, but ended up not haggling over price at all because I found a great deal on a really nice fridge in the scratch and dent section - big, glass shelves, ice maker in the freezer, regularly something like $600, marked down to $350. When I say "scratch and dent" I mean that this fridge literally looks like it got hit with a baseball bat on its door! And there's a funny place that looks like The Hulk pinched it with his fingertips. But, honestly, the great deal totally trumped the look of the fridge, so I bought it.
I was going to put a fridge picture, but
I must not have one. So I put this instead!
Skipping forward a few months, we realized that the kitchen was smelling kind of...musty and weird...and that the floor in front of the sink was warping a little bit. Upon further inspection, Troy realized that the place under the sink where he had installed the hose for the ice maker was leaking. Yikes! He fixed it and we went on our merry way. Fast forward about a month later and, lo and behold, we realize that the kitchen is smelling weird again. (We do live in a really old house, so weird smells are not unusual.) After investigation, we realize that now the ice maker for the fridge is leaking from behind , and it is, in fact, so bad that, because the fridge sits against an outside wall, you could see the water on the outside of the house! Double yikes!
At that point, we disconnected the ice maker and called our favorite contractor to come and replace the floor.
Ka-CHING! That was about $2000. Triple yikes!
(For those keeping track, our cheap fridge has, up to this point, cost us $2,350!)
Well, this happened almost two years ago and, being a little gun-shy, we have never made an attempt to re-install the ice making apparatus. Troy and I looked at each other and decided to let the professionals handle it. However, it seemed a little foolish to call a plumber JUST to come and install an ice maker, so we put it off and put it off. When we needed ice, we just ran to the store and bought a bag of ice and put it in the freezer.)
(Average 1 bag of ice per month at $2.00 per bag x 18 months = $360 spent on ice.)
(Yes, I realize that there are 24 months in 2 years. I'm not sure we actually bought a bag of ice every month for two years. I'm averaging here, people!)
Last Thursday, my washing machine began to over flow. Then the sinks in my kitchen. It was lovely, I tell you, because I got to see all the egg shells from the last few weeks. Or months. Plus some other stuff I didn't recognize.I called Roto Rooter and they promptly sent out a handy dandy plumber to fix the problem. While he was here, I asked, "Hey, how much more would it cost if you hooked up my ice maker?" He told me it would be about $120 or so more than the price of just reaming out the drain. "SOLD!" I said.
Off he went to get the part he needed and, bada-BOOM, bada-BING, an hour later we have an ice maker.
(I don't think anyone actually said "bada-BOOM, bada-BING". We are in Oklahoma, after all, not living in Little Italy in New York City. Maybe I should have said "yee-HAW!" instead. Because we say that here all the time, you know.)
(For those still keeping track at home, this brings the total cost of our fridge, on which we got such a great deal, to about $3070.)
(For those of you still reading after all this rambling, congratulations! I think you need a hobby!)
The sound of the ice maker clunking around is music to my ears now, and I still get a little thrill when I open the freezer and see those little crescent-shaped cubes. And we've all learned our lesson, I believe. When it comes to plumbing, we're gonna let the professionals handle it!
(By the way, I realize that we spent over $300 on ice when we could have gotten a plumber out here two years ago for $120. The irony, it makes me laugh a little.)

*** EDIT ALERT! ****
My friend Julie, who is an accountant, pointed out to me that $2 per bag of ice x 18 months of ice is actually $36 NOT $360 like I said up there. This makes me feel a whole lot better about the amount of money we spent on ice.
However, it doesn't make me feel a whole lot better about the fact that I'm home schooling my kids and apparently don't know simple math. Quadruple yikes!


Julie H. said...

Okay...the accountant in me can't resist. $2.00/month for ice for 18 months is $36.00, not $360.


It doesn't make the story any less funny though. :)

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Oh, man! That's one expensive refrigerator.