Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Best Laid Plans...

To celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary, which was back in August, we decided to take a trip to Branson. This is how our weekend went:
Friday Plans - get to Branson whenever we get there; eat dinner at a new Mexican restaurant at Branson Landing; check into hotel.
Friday Reality - stop in Springfield to go to the Bass Pro shop (loved it!), got to fancy Mexican restaurant and realize they wanted an arm and a leg (and possibly a kidney!) for some enchiladas; decided to go to "our" Mexican restaurant and get some decent priced, really good Mexican food; bonus - it's right next door to Cakes & Cream, so we got to have a funnel cake for dessert! Checked in to hotel.
Saturday Plans - get to Silver Dollar City when they open; ride Powder Keg, Wildfire, and the Barn Swing over and over until we just can't take it anymore; possibly go shopping; go to the little purple "Buy One, Get One Free" show ticket company and find a show to see; eat BBQ dinner.
Saturday Reality - got to SDC when they opened; realized we were really glad we'd brought our waterproof jackets and worn our jeans because it was kind of drippy. And cold. Decided to give it some time, see if the weather would clear; bought two ponchos when we realized that Troy's jacket wasn't really waterproof and he was pretty soaked; ate lunch (skillet potato and sausage! YUM!) and decided to call it because it was still  raining; left without riding anything. Spent some time at the hotel, drying out Troy's shoes with a hairdryer. Got our tickets from the purple store - "The Legend of Kung Fu" - and went shopping at Branson Landing; ate BBQ dinner and went to show.
Sunday Plans - Zipline canopy tour at noon!! After that, WHATEVER!! Shopping, eating, it didn't matter because we were going ZIPLINING!!
Sunday Reality - Tour scheduled at 12, ominous clouds roll in at 11:50, skies open and thunder begins at 12:15. Tour rescheduled for Monday at 9:00! More shopping, lunch, and a movie ("Contagion" - blegh!). Got out of the movie and realized that IT WASN'T RAINING! Sped like a NASCAR racer up to SDC where we got to ride PowderKeg four times in succession before they closed all the outdoor rides because, you guessed it, MORE thunderstorms were heading our way! Shopped some more, then headed to another movie. ("Apollo 18" - meh.)
Monday Plans - ZIPLINING! FINALLY! It was awesome, the weather was perfect, and we had a blast. Headed home to our darling kids.

I can say that, with the exception of going to see the show on Saturday night, and despite my months of careful scheming, NOTHING this past weekend went as I had planned. Not a single thing.
I can also say that, because I just love being with Troy, no matter where we are or what we're doing, this was one of the best anniversary trips ever.

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Rhonda said...

Awwww! You too look so much in love and so content with each other. I'm so glad that you both had such a wonderful time.