Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An Unexpected Advantage

My mom is a nurse. (A great nurse, by the way.) That means that when I was growing up, there was NO faking being sick. If we didn't have a fever, we weren't sick, and we didn't miss church or school unless we were practically bleeding out our ears. I loved school, but I LOVED staying at home with my mom when I was sick because she took such good care of me - I got to lay on the sofa and watch The Price is Right. I didn't often try to fake it because 1) I'm a terrible liar and 2) Momb* would pull out the thermometer and there was NO thwarting the thermometer! I do remember faking an ear infection once for a few days because I wanted to be at home with Momb, but that all came to a screeching halt when she took me to the doctor and - SURPRISE! - there was no infection at all. This was in the days before co-pay's, so parents just paid out of pocket for office visits? Yeah, I felt really guilty for faking it.
I think I still feel guilty about that.
Sorry, Momb!
Well, now I'm a mom myself (Number one: DUH! and number 2: I've not earned the title of Momb yet. I'm still a fledgling.) and The Kids sometimes don't feel well. Home schooling has a distinct advantage on sick days.
Because I can have them do school on the sofa under a blanket and they don't miss anything!
I kid, I kid! I don't do that! 
Yesterday, Deco woke up not feeling well. He said that his throat hurt and his head hurt, so I gave him some Tylenol, installed him on the sofa with the TV remote and went about my business. (I should point out that he didn't ever run a fever. I always pull out the thermometer, too!) Some time later, I could tell he was feeling much perkier - YAY! I made sure that he knew that I thought it was great that he felt better, but he wouldn't be getting up and playing if he hadn't done school.
At about 11:00, he got dressed, started his schoolwork, and felt fine the rest of the day. (I think it's just a bit of a cold.)
When we started home schooling, lo so many years ago, I didn't think too much about what we'd do with sick days. I guess I just assumed that The Kids would be sick at least a whole day at a time! But I like the flexibility we have - they can rest when they're not feeling well and pick it back up when they're feeling better.

*Not a typo. It is Momb, with a "b". And I used to say that the "b" is silent, but I realized as I typed it that it's not. It's pronounced "Mom-buh".


Heather the Mama Duk said...

It is definitely nice not to have to deal with sick days or make up work. They either do school anyway if they aren't very sick or we just shift everything forward a day or two if they are very sick.

Anonymous said...

Once when I was in nursing school, I held hot water in my mouth, and then went quickly into the Health Service to fake a temp....knowing they would then let me stay & rest in the dorm. Well! They gave me a penicillin shot for my trouble!!!
Yikes! Love, Momb