Friday, August 12, 2011

Last Day

Well, today is our last official day of summer break! We start back to school on Monday.
I'm kind of excited to get back into the routine. However, just like I do every year, I find myself wishing that I could do something to make the first day of school more...special. I have such fond memories of wearing a new outfit and using my new backpack and lunchbox and finding out who was in my class. It was all so new every year and I mourn, just a little, that my kids won't experience that. In earlier years, we did things like make gum and dissect an owl pellet on the first day, but, after six years, I've kind of run out of ideas. I always try to make something special for breakfast, but that seems kind of anti-climactic.
Actually, as I think about it, it's kind of funny that I'm mourning "memories" for my kids that they'll never miss because they won't ever know them. This is their norm, this is what they know. I guess I just don't want my kids to ever resent having been homeschooled because of something they feel they've missed. That's the reason we take a full summer break instead of schooling year round. I decided that I didn't want them looking around at other kids and thinking, "Why does everyone else get to be off of school for two and a half months in the summer and we have to keep having school?" (Plus, frankly, I like having the longer break myself! A week or two at a time, scattered throughout the year, would NOT make me feel refreshed!)
Anyway, I'm going to stop rambling now because The Kids are up and clamoring for breakfast. (Sheesh, what IS this with them and their need to EAT on a regular basis?)


Anonymous said...

Cherry Berry maybe with their Nani???? Sounds like a celebration to me!!! luv, m

Heather the Mama Duk said...

My kids think it's weird that other kids get a whole summer off. Ani was appalled to discover her good friend was having trouble at the end of August reading relatively simple (for a done-with-5th-grade kid) words and her friend said "I've been out of school for two months. What do you expect?" Ani said please never give her the summer off after that lol Actually Ani requested never to have 3 weeks off at once after last Christmas break. Strange child I have.