Friday, August 05, 2011

I'm Not A Socialist

I was reading a mom's debate board that I frequent and came across a debate about shared school supplies in public school. You know, you're given a list of stuff to buy and it all goes into the "pot" so that all the kids can use them throughout the year. Many of the mom's said that they would pay the $$ for the nicer Crayola crayons and then their kid would get the cheap, dollar store crayons to use in class because that's what was pulled from the pot for them.
I really dislike the idea behind shared school supplies. I understand that there are kids who can't afford supplies and, were my kids in public school, I don't think I'd have a problem donating $10 or something to a class fund to provide for that situation.
However, there are two things that bother me about a communal supply.
One is that I remember, as a kid, being so excited to go and choose my folders and notebooks. I always wanted the ones with cute pictures on it. I loved shopping for them and I loved using them. This was a really fun memory I have of school, and, honestly, something that would be fun to pass on to my kids. (Actually, since I homeschool, so I DO get to pass on that memory to my kids! They pick out their own folders and such. WOO HOO!)
The other thing is I really hate the idea that all the kids have to have identical supplies so that nobody "feels bad" that they don't have a "fancy" folder.  I remember some kids having really fancy Trapper Keepers that I didn't have, but it didn't scar me. It was just LIFE. Nothing, not uniforms or school supplies, is going to keep kids from learning that there are some kids whose parents have money and some kids who don't. Because even if they all wear identical colored shirts and pants, a portion of the kids are going to have really nice Nike's and some are going to have Target shoes. And even if they all have identical folders, some kids are going to be driven to school in a Lexus and some are going to drive to school in a 10 year old Honda. It's LIFE.
For the record, I also don't think that everyone should get a trophy at then end of a sports season. There were teams that WON and teams that LOST. Not everybody wins. It's LIFE. Encourage the kids to do their best, give them a pat on the back and a pizza party when they lose, and give prizes to the winners.
(It's funny, I didn't realize that I felt so strongly about this until I read the debate.)
OH, and, by the way, today is my first Lab Rat appointment. I go in for a psych eval later today. I'll report back what they find!

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Rhonda said...

It's kind of like the "No Child Left Behind" rule. When my girls were in public school, they worked hard for their grades. Then here comes little Johnny who's parents do not care whether he fails or passes(just as long as his parents can get him out of their hair for the day)and he gets to play a few learning games on the class computer, complete a few extra homework papers and he is promoted to the next grade. There were a few public school things that upset me quite a bit. I am so glad that I chose to homeschool.

Good luck on the Lab Rat appointment. LOL!