Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Here I Go Again...

...on mah owwwn! Goin' down the only road Ah've ever knowwwn! Like a drifter, Ah was born to walk alooonnne, and Ah made up mah mahnd, Ah ain't wastin' no more here Ah go again!
OK, sorry, I just typed that title and was flooded with memories of Tawney Kitain, dancing on the front of a sportscar in that Whitesnake video from the 80's.

Here are the things that go through my mind as I watch that video:
1. Awww, their hair matches!
2. Doesn't doing splits on car hoods hurt?
3. She really shouldn't hang out the window like that!
4. She REALLY shouldn't kiss him like that when he's driving! His eyes TOTALLY aren't on the road!
5. Awww, I miss hair bands! (Not the ones you put in your hair. We have plenty of those! I mean Hair Bands!)

That whole thing is a total sidetrack of what I actually got on here to tell you. I just got caught up in the 80's spirit.
We had a wonderful time at Silver Dollar City this past weekend, although I did have one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. We got to the park on Saturday morning and I whip out my guest passes, only to discover that in BIG BOLD TEXT on the front, they plainly state that they are VALID AFTER 6 PM ONLY. I really wanted to melt into the ground. It was made worse by the fact that, just the night before, I had joked that we were going to tease that we forgot to bring them with us. Hardy har har. No, we remembered them, I just didn't pay enough attention to the not-so-tiny fine print.
Hey, nothing says "You're my friend, let me bless you" like inviting someone to use free passes that only cost them an arm and a leg.
BUT, I did go into the customer service area and throw myself on their mercy and beg and plead and possibly shed a little tear as I asked if we could either swap them for actual free admission passes or get a discount on tickets. The nice guy ended up giving Bryan a discount, so it may have only cost them an arm to enter the park.
Once in, we had a really great time! It was hot, but, really, we're used to that now, seeing how  it has felt like we're living either directly in the hinges of Hades or maybe camped out on the face of the sun for the past two months. The water ride lines were loooong, but the other lines weren't too bad. By the end of the day, we were all sticky and gross and tired, but it had been a great day.
Deco and the "water tree"

Reilly and Kendall. She taught Kendall how
to swim this weekend!

Hot and tired, but still smiling!

We ARE the rule breakers! This was the
first time Deco actually looked in the
hole. I'm not sure what, exactly, he thought
was in there!

Shelley and four of the kids, getting ready to be soaked!

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Rhonda said...

You always put a smile on my face when I read your blogs. You're such a great blogger. I'm so glad to hear that you at least got discounts on the tickets. We all make mistakes, hon. We live and learn from them. Thanks for sharing the photos. It looks like a lot of fun despite the heat.