Monday, July 18, 2011

Our Summer So Far

When summer begins, I always have visions of us merrily doing crafts teaching The Kids how to cook and playing games and doing all sorts of educational things and everything being very Norman Rockwell-esque. However, I've come to realize that, since I spend September through May teaching my kids, when summer rolls around I want to NOT TEACH ANYTHING, nor do I want to do anything educational. At all. Let's just be slugs and lose some brain cells.
So, we've not learned a thing this summer.
Wait, that's not entirely true. I HAVE been a terribly mean mother and made The Kids continue doing some math each day. This is because I switched curriculum and Reilly needed some holes filled. We had to go back a couple of grades, so I felt she needed to continue working thru the 4th grade curriculum so we could get it DONE and move on to the 5th grade level. Because she'll be in 6th grade. Yeah, I need her closer to grade level! It didn't seem fair to make her do math but not make Declan, so he and I have been working on addition and subtraction facts.
Aaaand now you've just died of boredom, I can tell. Sorry.
I guess when I think about it, the rest of summer HAS been kind of idyllic and Norman Rockwell-y. We've gone swimming, we've eaten sno cones, they've had sleepovers and played in the hose and played with friends and watched TV and movies.
So, while summer is zooming by at the speed of light, and we're going to be starting school again before we know it, it's been good so far!

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Rhonda said...

I am not ready for school to begin at all this year. We have really been enjoying our summer. Lindsay does have a few lessons on a daily basis to make sure that she finished up third grade to begin 4th in September. I am happy to say that she will be ready, but I still am not ready for our new homeschooling year to begin. We are having too much fun this summer and it is going by way too fast!