Friday, July 29, 2011

Many Things Going On PLUS I'm A Lab Rat!

Oh, there are so many things going on in our life right now! All of them good, some of them exciting, one of them, in particular, bringing me a little uncertainty.
How's THAT for some ambiguous-ness?
The first exciting and good thing is that, soon, we're heading off on a weekend trip to Branson with some good friends. Last Christmas, we were blessed by Troy's dad and step-mom with season passes to Silver Dollar City, which we LOVE. With these passes came guest passes and we decided that, rather than waste them, we were going to use them to take some of our closest friends with us. Back in May we went and spent the day at the park with The Cox's and had an absolute BLAST, and now we're taking The Sheppard's and we're going to have yet another blast, I'm sure of it. I only wish we could have all gone at the same time because, well, that would have just blown SDC off the map with the blast we would have had! Oh my, what fun that would have been!! But, alas, our guest passes only get us four in at a time.
So, I'm excited about THAT.
The second good and exciting thing is that in September, Troy and I are going to go BACK to Branson and celebrate our 15th anniversary. And we're going ZIP LINING! Oh my, I'm so excited about that!! It's going to be weird to NOT go to Eureka Springs because that's kind of our thing (my thing? I don't know, I'm kind of the one who does the planning and Troy just comes along for the ride...) but it will be great to have a weekend away.
Can you tell I love having things to look forward to? If Anticipation were a love language, I think it would be my primary!
The THIRD exciting thing, which also ties into my being a lab rat and which will make the title of this post make a little more sense, is that I'm going to participate in a medical study! A psych hospital here in town is doing an MRI study to compare the brains of depressed people to the brains of non-depressed people, and I signed up to be in it. (I'm one of the non-depressed people, just in case you were wondering.) I'll go and have a psych eval and then go back and have an MRI done and I think that's it. My only hope is that I don't get done with the psych eval and have them fall on the floor laughing, saying, "Hon, you only THOUGHT you were normal!"
Okay, now onto the thing that I'm uncertain about.
 I applied for a job yesterday.
Yes, I'm considering going back to work part-time. We worked so hard a few years ago to get rid of our debt and we cut it in half, which is GREAT, but once I stopped working at Whole Foods, we kind of lost momentum. I'm really ready to get intense and get rid of more! Yesterday, I applied at Mardel, which is a great Christian bookstore, and I'm just waiting to see what happens. Waiting and praying. The great thing about Mardel is that they're not open on Sundays, so I wouldn't have to ever worry about missing church, and they close early on Wednesdays, so I'd still get to go to Impact classes at our church. My only drawback, as far as employment goes, is that I wouldn't be able to go in until 5:00 because of wanting Troy to be home before I leave.
It's kind of a scary prospect. I know that if I do get a job, it will be kind of stressful on the family. But I really feel like the end result would be worth a short period of stress. I want our money to be OURS, not going out the door to everyone else. I want to save for the future, for The Kids' college, I want to be able to give generously, I want to anonymously pay for someone else's meal in a restaurant.
So I'm waiting and praying, knowing that God has a perfect plan for me, for our family, and that if I seek His will, I can't go wrong. Won't you pray with me?


Natalie Carretto said...

Lots of fun stuff! I haven't been to Silver Dollar City in forever, but I know you guys will have fun!

Rhonda said...

Your trip sounds so exciting. I am sure that you are going to have a wonderful time just getting away from it all.
You're title had me giggling. You always come up with the best ones. Have fun with all of that testing.
I will be sending many prayers for you in your job search. I know how times are so rough right now for a lot of people. Good luck, hon.