Friday, February 25, 2011

Things I'm Excited About

Today I feel on top of the world. I'm practically jittering with excitement. Now, I'll fully admit that part of that jitteriness might have to do with with the fact that I'm drinking a cup of coffee. I love coffee. I USED to just drink it because that's what everyone around me was doing, but now I actually crave it in the middle of the afternoon.
I'm digressing.
Yeah, you're not surprised, are you?
I'm excited because it's Friday and we don't really have anything going on this weekend. That seems like it would be less than exciting, but I love having two and a half days (because the weekend starts when Troy gets home!) to just do whatever. I recently made a decision that I was not going to do housework on the weekends because It occurred to me that I never really have a day off. So for the past few weeks I've worked diligently from Monday to Friday to make sure that the house is being cleaned and the laundry done so that, on Saturday and Sunday, I can sit around like a lump. Not that I never sat around like a lump before, it's just that before, I would feel guilty because there were things that I was not doing. Now it's guilt-free lumpiness.
I'm excited because I'm making lasagna tonight for dinner and it's going to taste SO GOOD.
I'm excited because we're going to Silver Dollar City in a few weeks. (SQUEEE!)
I'm excited because we FINALLY have our "baby" emergency fund in the bank, after a year of trying to get it built up. No, it's not a fund in case we have a baby. Lord, please don't let us have THAT happen! (Not that I don't love babies. I just don't want to own one.) 
I'm excited because I've got some clothes in a consignment sale that's going on right now and I'm going to put the $$ that I make into our "Trip Fund" for future trips to SDC. 
Oooo, life is fun right now!


Ms. Code said...

I remember these things. Well, just browsing. Enjoyed a glimpse of the world thru your eyes. See you around!

Mama Teaching 3 said...

So happy to hear life is so grand! :)