Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Family's Favorites!

I got this idea from my friend Heather!
These are all of my family's favorite things: 

What's your favorite color? Pink (Reilly); Brown (Declan); Don't have one (Troy)

Favorite TV show? Shake it Up (Reilly); Phineas and Ferb (Declan); Future Weapons (Troy)

Favorite movie? Newsies (Reilly); Newsies (Declan); Braveheart (Troy)

Favorite person? God (Reilly); God (Declan); Lisa (Troy)

Favorite place? Home (Reilly;) Home (Declan); Home (Troy)

Favorite veggie? *makes gagging face* Deco reminds her that she likes tomatoes, so she says "I like tomatoes!" (Reilly); Carrots (Declan); Chili Peppers - after a discussion about the fact that peppers are actually a fruit (Troy)

Favorite thing to eat for dinner? Chicken ala King (Reilly); Pancakes (Declan); Chickenchilada Casserole (Troy)

Favorite breakfast food? Bagels and cream cheese (Reilly); Pancakes (Declan); Bacon and eggs (Troy)

Favorite fruit? Oranges (Reilly); Bananas (Declan); Pineapple (Troy)

Favorite dessert/treat? Ice cream (Reilly); Ice cream (Declan); Cake and ice cream (Troy)

Favorite snack? Four Cheese Cheez Its (Reilly); Slim Jims (Declan); Cupcakes (Troy)

Favorite place to eat out/restaurant? El Tequila (Reilly); Incredible Pizza Co. (Declan); Arizona's (Troy)

Favorite animal? Elephants (Reilly); Cougar (Declan); Dogs (Troy)

Favorite toy? My American Girl doll! (Reilly); Nerf guns (Declan); My iPhone (Troy)

Favorite book? I don't know (Reilly); Batman (Declan); Rise of Theodore Roosevelt (Troy)

Favorite letter? R (Reilly); L (Declan); I don't have one (Troy)

Favorite number? 12 
(Reilly); 18 (Declan); I don't have one (Troy)


Flea said...

Wait! So where were Mom's favorites?

Natalie said...

I hate to bring this up, but I believe that a tomato is also a fruit. :)

Heather the Mama Duk said...

And yours are where?