Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

I hope to get my act together sometime and get some of our great Christmas pictures up so that you can really experience all the fun we've had, but, for now, I'm just going to have to give you some of my most favorite memories:

    • The week before Christmas went really, really slowly which was fantastic because i hate it when time flies too fast and I feel like the fun times are over before I have time to really enjoy them. 
    • Troy got home at about 11:30 (in the morning!) on Christmas Eve and we just got to hang out together all afternoon before we went to my Dad's house. We drank coffee and watched was great.
    • I always give my little brother money for Christmas, but I try to figure out unique ways to present it to him. I've done a "money tree" and shirt/pants dollar bill origami and a pirate's treasure chest filled with gold $1 coins. THIS year, however, was my favorite! I bought a pack of Stride gum, verrrrrry carefully slit open the bottom of the cellophane and slid the pack out. I then replaced four of the gum sticks with $5 bills (IN the foil), verrrry carefully slid the pack BACK into the cellophane and superglued the end back up. The result? It looked like a completely new, unopened pack of gum! Oh, the look on his face when he opened it! Then I demanded a piece of gum, so he opened it and realized what I'd done. It was PRICELESS!
    • Troy and I drank cider and watched "A Christmas Carol" when we got home, aglow in the lights of the Christmas tree. Awesome!
    • I told The Kids they could come out at 6:45...but we were all awake at 6:00 anyway, so we got started early!
    • Presents, shrieks, torn wrapping, picture taking, squeals...what more is there to say?
    • Over to my mom's hous, where there was more shrieking, paper tearing, and picture taking. Perfection.
    • I got a Nook color. More perfection.
    • I took the tree down on the 26th. Because it was dropping needles like rain. I was afraid it was going to spontaneously combust.
(This has been the most fantastic, magical, fun, relaxing, love-filled Christmas. I honestly don't think there is a single thing that could have made it better.
Well, it would have been better if I'd not had to buy Deco a new video spy watch. He got one from my mom and it was one of his favorite things EVER (along with his pocket knife! And his Paper Jamz guitar!) and, this morning, I managed to drop it into a cup of coffee. Yeah. Stellar. I think it died instantly.)


Flea said...

Sounds wonderful! This was out best Christmas ever, too! Yay!

Rhonda said...

I loved the money in the gum pack gift. Awesome! Sounds like a truly wonderful Christmas, except for the video spy watch in the coffee. Sounds like something I would manage to do.

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Sounds like a truly lovely Christmas. I love what you did with that gum pack. I really, really wanted a NookColor, like seriously wanted one, but the backlit screen is really bad on my eyes. So I went with a Sony eReader and LOVE it!