Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dental Hy-Jinx

For the past week or so, Reilly has been complaining of her teeth hurting, especially when she eats. So, like the dutiful mother I am, I called the dentist to set up an appointment. We haven't been to the dentist in eight months because, well, I forgot that we had an appointment in August - despite the fact that I HAD WRITTEN IT ON MY CALENDAR - and we carted off to Ohio instead. Oops! So this is what our Thursday looked like:
9:00 -  arrive at the dentist to have her checked out. Sure enough, she had a little cavity in between two of her teeth. Our Fantastic Dentist looked at his schedule and said, "Well, I actually have time now if you want me to go ahead and fill it." 
"Heck, why not? That way we don't have to come back!" I say. So he numbs her up and fills her cavity!
10:00 - checking out, I decide to make our cleaning appointments. The girl says, "I've got you on our cancellation list! I'll call you if there's a cancellation. Of course, we had one today at eleven, too bad that's so long from now!"
"Heck!" I say. "We can go kill an hour and come back!" We head off to Sam's, kill an hour, and return to the dentist so The Kids can get cleaned.
12:00 - checking out, after having both kids' sets of teeth rendered shiny and smooth, I begin to schedule their next cleaning, which won't be until June. (THIS is why it's hard to remember appointments! Too much time in between!) The dentist phone rings, and someone cancels their 1:00 appointment. The girl looks at me. "Do you want to come back at one?"
"Heck, why not!" I say. "We can kill an hour and come back!" We toddle off to McDonald's for an oh-so-delicious lunch, and then head back. once again, to the dentist's office.
2:00 - we're finally able to leave the dentist's office! All of us, shiny and clean, and safely scheduled for appointments in June!
(This time I'll remember!)


Sherri said...

It is hard to remember those appointments! Luckily, our dentist calls a day or so before the appointment! What we need right now are eye appointments. There's always a new appointment that I need to be making!!!

Heather the Mama Duk said...

That is too funny!

Flea said...

What fun! We don't schedule them six months out. Our dentist has me address postcards to the kids who need cleaning, then they send them out five months from my visit, a reminder of the need to make an appointment. It rocks.