Thursday, September 02, 2010

My Heart, Full to the Brim

Shortly after Troy and I got married, we decided that we were going to plan to take a mini-honeymoon every year around our anniversary. If we couldn't do that, we'd get presents for each other, but our goal was to get away at least once a year and just be together.

Back inAugust, we celebrated fourteen years of marriage, and we've managed to take some type of trip for ten of those fourteen years. (Actually, it's eleven trips, if you count that one year we went to Memphis in August and counted it as the trip because we couldn't afford more than one trip.)

Anyway, this past weekend, we headed to what is probably our favorite getaway place - Eureka Springs. One of my most favorite things about Eureka is that there really isn't a huge amount of stuff to DO, so it's the perfect place to go for two days. We took naps. We stayed at a fantastic B and B where they fed us the most scrumptious breakfasts you could imagine. So good, in fact, that on Saturday we were too full to eat at lunchtime so we just had a mid-afternoon dessert of cheesecake (me) and coconut creme cake (Ched) at a shop downtown. We walked up and down the streets and looked in the shops. 

OK, I'll be honest. The Eureka Springs historical district, where all the shops are, is on a HUGE hill. One of the trolley lines they have stops LITERALLY in front of our B and B. So we got trolley passes and on Saturday got on at our front door, rode to the top of the hill, walked down and shopped one side of the street, took the trolley back to our B&B, then walked DOWN the other side of the street on Sunday. It was perfect! Because we're not lazy, we're frugal with our energy.

Some high points: 

Chuck, our ghost tour guide, with the freaked out
girl in peach to his right.

  • When we were packing the car to leave home, I bumped the lock on the storm door with a bag and locked it. We were both outside. This was the ONE time I'd made sure to lock ALL the windows AND the back door and I thought we were going to have to break something to get back inside. I was mentally trying to calculate which window would be the cheapest to replace when Troy whips out his Boy Scout knife and jimmied the handle so we could enter. So, while our house may not actually be secure when the storm door is locked, I was relieved that we didn't have to postpone our vacation.
  • We went on the ghost tour of the Crescent Hotel. I didn't see any ghosts, or experience any weird tappings on my leg or feel anything playing with my hair while we were walking around. The guide was very earnest about the validity of the sightings that had been reported to him, and the things he'd experienced and it was an interesting tour. There was one girl who was REALLY freaked out by the end of the tour and it took ALL of my self control to not lightly touch her hair when she wasn't looking so that I could watch her jump out of her skin.
  • Troy and I used every opportunity we could to talk with a lateral lisp, (i.e. pronouncing our "es's" way back in our mouths) with bonus points if we could combine that with an Elmer Fudd-esque "r". I can't think of how to write an example, and you probably wouldn't think it nearly as funny as we did, but it was hilarious to us. Which is what counts.
  • There was a VW convention in town, so we watched a VW parade. Actually, we kind of got caught by it because the trolley wasn't running, so we had to watch by default. There was one that had a big key on the back that turned when the car drove, which was kind of cute.
I never get tired of spending hours and hours in the company of my favorite guy. We came back refreshed and relaxed, so the trip was a success. I can't wait to go somewhere next year!
Troy drooled over a Lotus at The Crescent

In the dining room, getting ready for breakfast


Rhonda said...

Aww what a wonderful little getaway. It keeps the spark going. So sweet. Pssst! I would of HAD to touch the lady in orange just to see her pee her pants. LOL!

Rhonda said...

Aww what a wonderful little getaway. It keeps the spark going. So sweet. Pssst! I would of HAD to touch the lady in orange just to see her pee her pants. LOL!

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Sounds like a lovely little getaway!