Thursday, September 02, 2010

My Heart Cracked Just a Little

I just had this conversation with Reilly, age 10:
Her: Mom, do we have anywhere to go today?
Me: No, not really. It feels like we should have somewhere to go, though, doesn't it?
Her: Well, not unless it's going somewhere to get something for US!
Me: *mimics her child* We need to go to Target and get TOYS!
*I give her a pouty, puppy dog eyes look*
Me: Toys!
Her: Clothes! Why not clothes?
Me: No, wait, you're my baby girl! I'm never going to buy you anything but TOYS!
Her: Well, some toys would be okay, but I want CLOTHES!

Time, would you please slow down already? I'm just not prepared for this!

School is going really well, other than the fact that both of The Kids seem to have forgotten every math fact they learned last year. I think that's typical, though, so I'm just taking the first few weeks to review...just like "real" school does, I guess. 
We had Orange Julius instead of pancakes for our First Day of School breakfast!

Same room, same schoolmates...oh well!

Honest to pete, I had about seven "clever" things I was going to write about before I sat down to write, and now they've all dribbled out of my head. Frustrating.
Also frustrating is the fact that Blogger keeps changing my font and it's really a pain to add pictures to the post because they don't actually get added WHERE THE CURSOR IS, which would make sense. And I have a tiny, tiny window to edit my post in while there's a HUUUUUUGE space RIGHT over to the right. 


Rhonda said...

LOL! That's a growing girl for ya!Sounds like my girls. Well my little one still wants to go to the toy store, but my two oldest would live at the mall if I would let them.

We alway do a small review the first few days of school. I do think that all kids seem to forget what they have learned the previous year over summer break. But, no way are we giving up those summer breaks. Nope, nuh uh!

Have a wonderful school year and keep on blogging.I always enjoy my visits here.

Rebecca said...

Wish blogs had LIKE buttons ;) I love the picture at the end that says same room, same schoolmates, oh well! haha LOVE it!

Heather the Mama Duk said...

What a little beauty you have. Are those two kids almost the same height?!?!

Karate Mom said...

Heather, YES, they are almost exactly the same height - and he outweighs her by at least five pounds! It blows my mind!