Monday, September 13, 2010

It's Just Typical, Really

Last Wednesday, we headed off on a field trip about an hour and a half away. The Kids were going to get to tour a pioneer farmhouse and barn, and spend some time in a one room school, and everyone was so excited. My dear friend, Julie, had entrusted the care of her two youngest darling daughter's to me, as she needed to be at home for the older kids.
I'm sure that by the end of the day, Julie was thinking, "Big mistake!" and questioning whether or not her friendship with me was safe.
You see, about four months ago, we realized that Monty was riding around on four tires so bald that they practically shined. But, being ever the procrastinators, and being cheap on top of that, we have put off getting new ones. Yes, I realize that normal, responsible people don't put off things like that! Stop looking at me in that tone of voice!
Tuesday evening, I was going to the store and Deco calls on my cell phone. "Mom! You should check out your back tire because I think it's flat!"
I will say that, in the back of my mind, I was thinking that tires don't tend to just leak, and there was probably something wrong and that I should just bite the bullet and go have a new tire put on since I was driving the next day. But there was "America's Got Talent" to watch! And it's getting toward the finals! I couldn't miss it!
So I head to the gas station and put some air in the tire. And pray.
And head off the next morning, carrying precious cargo that includes not only my OWN kids, but some borrowed ones!
Can you see it coming? You can, can't you?
LUCKILY, I was caravaning with my OTHER dear friend Shelley because that means she was there to support me when the back tire blew out, shredded all over the place like confetti. She was there to stand with me by the side of the road, IN THE RAIN*, while semi trucks blew past us at eleventy jillion miles an hour, buffeting us with wind and practically scaring the prairie skirts off of the girls in the car. She was there to frantically call her husband so he could tell us how to get a hold of the highway patrol, and to offer a sympathetic ear as I repeated, "AAARRRGH!" over and over again. Most thankfully, she was there so that I could give her my GPS and all of the kids in my car so that she could go ahead and get them to the field trip. 
A nice highway patrolman stopped and helped me change the tire. I was glad that he was there, although I REALLY wish I could have found out a way to make sure he knew that I know how to change a tire and I totally could have done it myself, but I didn't want to look a gift horse in the mouth. Plus, he had a really great car jack thingy and the whole process was much quicker than if I had done it myself.
So he puts on my little donut tire that's about half flat, warns me to put air in the spare SOON, and I drove into the city, praying the whole way that the spare wouldn't blow because, really, what would I do then but sit by the road and cry? I spent the day at Wal Mart, having FOUR new tires put on the car. I figured that, with my luck, if I didn't replace all of them, a different one would blow on the way home. 
Apparently, the blown tire was the highlight of Julie's kids' day. I was thinking of it from their perspective, figuring they're probably thinking "Things like this NEVER happen when we're with OUR mom!" 
That's because their mom is smart enough not to head out of town with four bald tires.

*Of COURSE it was raining! OK, well, to be honest, it was sprinkling. And gray. And it wreaked havoc on my hair that I had carefully straightened.


Rhonda said...

Oh you poor thing. Well, at least you got four new tires out of it. I can just hear those kids now whooping and hollering at the shredded tire. Well at least I know that is what my girls would have been doing. LOL! They just think that things like that are so cool. To be honest with ya, things like that terrify me, but I don't tell them that.

Rebecca said...

aww...sounds like fun! Sorry I missed it! Glad you guys were ok!

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Oh, my gosh! I'd have been terrified, but my kids would've been like "oh, cool!"