Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This One Isn't from the iPhone...

...just from my highly evolved brain.

  • Sometimes I think that security has gone haywire. I can understand credit card companies, banks, and places like AT&T being careful about who they give information to, but I tried to talk to someone about our PikePass awhile back and the woman couldn't tell me anything because I wasn't the main account holder. I'm thinking, who in the heck are they saving us from? Someone who might want to know our travel patterns around Oklahoma? And the library website won't save my library card number. I guess they're worried that somebody might go online and *gasp* renew my books!
  • I just spent about eleventy hours downloading a book from the library and burning it to CD so that my mom and I can listen to it when we're driving to Ohio. I think that I could have READ the book in the amount of time that I spent getting it onto the CD's!
  • I've become a huge fan of Minute to Win It.
  • I had a pedicure done two weeks ago, and it really wasn't very good. My nails looked fine, but she didn't get my feet as soft as I wanted. I considered going back and getting my money back, because, really, it's excessive to pay someone $30 to paint my toenails. But I think I was kind of worried that they'd talk about me after I left. Or argue with me when I was there. I'm such a wimp. 
  • My fantastic husband Troy worked on my computer and made it run faster. Before he did this, I had to go in and back up anything I wanted to keep. One thing I forgot to back up? All of the pictures that I took in school last year. WAAAAH!
  • Was that thunk I just heard you falling out of your chair, dead from boredom?


Ched said...

It just bored our son to sleep. I love you.

Karate Mom said...

HEY! I think it was America's Got Talent that bored Deco to sleep, NOT this fascinating peek into my psyche!

Rhonda said...

You just reminded me that it is time to back up my files again. Especially all of those homeschooling ebooks that I have for the girls. I would be lost without them.

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Your posts always crack me up.

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