Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Things That I Wonder...

  1. How is it that there is, apparently, a widely-celebrated day called "Pi Day" that I've never heard of? It falls on March 14th, because 3.14 is Pi and 3/14 is the date on that day. (That lesson was for all of you slow folks who might not realize that the numerical date for March 14th would  be 3/14. Sorry for the lack of confidence in your brain skills. Rest assured, I'm about to make fun of my own brain skills here in a second, so there's nobody who is left out on this here blog.) I mean, my friend Heather celebrated Pi Day with her kids, complete with pizzas with cute pepperoni shapes on them and my cousin, Ryan acknowledged Pi Day on HIS blog. I'm barely smart enough to remember that pi is 3.14, but I don't honestly know how that has any relevance to life as a whole. What do we do with pi?  And, really, aren't we glad I'm homeschooling my kids so that I can share my wealth of math knowledge with them? I fear for their future...
  2. I wonder why in the world the powers that be decided that we should "spring forward" on a Saturday night. Why not a Friday night, when 90% of the population doesn't have to get up to go anywhere the next morning?  I mean, I actually had to go in and WAKE UP MY CHILDREN yesterday morning because it was 7:30 and they were still asleep and we had to get ready for church! It is UNHEARD of that I have to wake my kids up! They pop out of bed at 7:00 every morning, regardless of how late they have been up the night before. If it had been Saturday morning, I could have just let them sleep! It was decidedly unfair.
The Kids were in a musical called "Splash Kingdom" at our church on Friday night, and it was FANTASTIC! Reilly was one of the leads, a character named Sandy Shore who was a "valley girl", which meant that she got to say things like, "TOTALLY AWESOME!" and "Bummer!" It was a part that seemed to have been tailor-made for her. Deco was a "lifeguard" in the chorus, and had a ball singing and doing the motions. It was a wonderful, fun way to share the message of salvation!

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Heather the Mama Duk said...

Pi is the ratio of a circle's diameter to the circumference. It doesn't make much difference in real life, but it's a constant yet the number doesn't make any pattern sense so it's kind of a fun thing.

BTW, Einstein was born on 3/14 which makes Pi Day all that much cooler. For us geeks at least lol

FWIW, Pi Day only occurs in countries that write the date month then day. I don't know what countries other than the US that that would include. Countries that do day then month never have it since there are only 12 months in a year. Our 3/14 was their 14/3 and that doesn't resemble pi at all.

And I vote we not have the spring forward or the fall back thing happen ever again. Ever.

Those pictures are all great.