Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Things I Want to Not Forget

Declan is going to turn seven years old on Friday. I look around me and think, "Wait a minute. How is it possible that I have an almost-seven-year-old and a nine-and-three-quarters year old?" and then I want to freeze time a little bit so that it will stop going by so quickly. Then someone starts to argue with me or asks me for a snack and I silently beg time to go a little faster so that it can be bedtime quicker.
Let me say that one thing I love about homeschooling is that, when it's all said and done, I will never, ever, ever be able to believe that I didn't spend enough time  with my kids. When they are grown and heading for college, I will be safe in the knowledge that it actually might not have been possible for me to spend more time with The Kids. (And, I will also admit that there are some days that I would give a kidney just to go to the store by myself, lest you think it's all sunshine and daisies all the time!)
Anyway, I was thinking today about things that I don't ever want to forget about my kids as they are small. 

  • Declan is obsessed with superheroes, especially ones that he can "assign" to members of the family. I don't know how may conversations we've had about which X-Men we would all be, or which Ben 10 character we would be. (For the record, we've decided that I would be Dr. Jean Gray and Troy would be Cyclops because, after all, they are boyfriend and girlfriend. It's just natural.)
  • Not only does he love talking about superheroes who actually "exist", he loves to talk about superheroes that he makes up. These conversations, left unchecked, could go on for hours as he recants all of the super powers that SolarMan has.
  • We still read to both of The Kids every night, unless we're not home at bedtime. This is a tradition that I think I would be perfectly happy to see continue until they leave for college. The best conversations happen after the lights go out, and not all of them revolve around superheroes.
  • Reilly adores having her back scratched, and she and I often trade scratches while watching movies or TV in the evenings.
That's about it for now. What are some things that you want to remember about your kids?


Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

The superhero thing sounds familiar. . . like my three-year old.

I want to remember how much Jonathan likes to be read to, but how on some nights he is too busy playing superheroes to sit down and actually "listen." Or there is so much to remember really!

Rhonda said...

This was such a sweet post. I loved it. I agree with you on the "freezing time" thing. My girls are 15, 12, and 8 and growing way too fast. I still love how every morning, no matter how old they are, I always get a morning hug and a kiss and every night before bedtime I get the same thing. And with each hug and kiss I hear "I love you, mom" I could never grow old of that little routine. EVER.

Rebecca said...

awww...I love it! Especially the giving a kidney part. :)

Ched said...

Remember those things for me too. When I'm old and my memory is failing you can remind me about our kids. Then you can sing to me. For that always settles me down.
I love you Babe, Ched

Mama Teaching 2 said...

Sweet. I so agree with you. We will know we couldn't have spent more time with them. :) Isn't that sweet?

I want to remember Remy's craziness for animals, and Eli's love of rocks and chemistry. :)

Heather the Mama Duk said...

That is a truly wonderful thing about homeschooling.