Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So, What's Up with Y'All?

  1. Last night, I made chicken fajitas and had some cheese dip to go along with them. I put some of the dip in a bowl for Declan and he said, "I'm kind of outgrowing cheese dip." My heart broke a little. Not because he's "getting so big" but because WHAT KID OF MINE DOESN'T WANT CHEESE DIP!?
  2. I got all domestic today and made some banana bread! It turned out a little...weird? It tastes fine, if a little dry, but the top caved in and the edges got kind of crispy. Troy joked that it was the bananas, which were so "ripe" that they almost disintegrated. Hopefully the bread doesn't kill the two sets of neighbors that I...ummm...blessed with a loaf!
  3. We had a really fun Valentine's day! Many years ago, Troy and I decided that V-Day wasn't going to be a

    big gift giving holiday, but I love making a special meal for The Family. I set the table with our wedding china and always get a little hoo-ha (translation: "just a little something") and set it on everyone's plate. This year, my mom and my brother came over to dinner, which just made it that much more fun. I do loves me my family!
  4. My husband is a super genius. Our bathroom toilet (duh...like we have a kitchen toilet?) has been "running on" for a long time now. Sometimes we could jiggle the handle and it would stop, sometimes it would just stop on its own, and sometimes we had to turn off the water to the toilet to get it to stop. Sometimes you had to hold the handle down to get it to flush at all. It was very tempermental, which, honestly, it has earned. I think this toilet was installed when Nixon was in office, so it could be as tempermental as it wants to, as long as it wasn't spewing nasty water all over my bathroom. Anyway, Troy realized that replacing some sort of valve thingamajigger would make it stop. So he trooped off to Ace hardware and bought the proper thingamajigger and VIOLA'! It was fixed. He's my hero, I swear.
  5. I'm ridiculously excited to be watching "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains". Seeing Boston Rob and Colby and Jeri and Stephenie and Rupert...it just brings back some great T.V. watching memories! I'm a little skeeved out by the amount of injuries in the first 10 minutes of the premiere, though. Hopefully things will get less painful, although I think that Boston Rob falls down a hill next week. 


Flea said...

I love the photo of the two of you! You and your hero!

Heather the Mama Duk said...

I absolutely love your posts. We had a temperamental toilet once. I think it, too, was installed when Nixon was president. And a thingamajigger fixed it, too. After it sprewed gross toilet water all over my floor that is.

Mitten from Smitten said...

Not much with me but have you visited my blog recently? I had news and I think you might have missed it? *sniffle*

Mitten from Smitten said...

Er, here is one of the posts: http://hehasmymittens.blogspot.com/2010/01/romantic-gestures-and-happy-flowers.html

Natalie said...

What DO you do with a kid that doesn't like cheese dip? How did your fajitas turn out?

Sherri said...

We do a lot for the kids for Valentines but not for each other. Of course, it isn't because we don't love each other. We just feel like it is a cheesy holiday. We do for each other and love each other all year...we just don't feel the need to go all out on Valentine's Day. I do love doing stuff with the kids though.