Thursday, February 25, 2010

Neko-Ashi Dachi

As you may or may not know, we have a dog. A little, brown poodle, cute as a button, named Neko-Ashi Dachi. (Pronounced Neeko Ah-shee Dah-chee). We call him Neko for short, although the "Ashi Dachi" comes in rather handy for three-naming him when he's in trouble.
"NEKO-ASHI DACHI! Did you puke on the carpet AGAIN?"

You may or may not know that, in the style of karate that I take, neko-ashi dachi actually means "cat stance". After much extensive research (OK, I admit, actually after about 5 minutes of google searches) I discovered that "neko" is  "cat" and "ashi" is "leg, foot, be sufficient, counter for pairs of footwear", whatever in the heck that means. (I knew already that "dachi" is stance)  I love the irony of my dog actually being called "cat" all the time!
This is what a neko-ashi dachi looks like in real life:

But, really, I think it looks a whole lot better in this picture:

(And that picture, my friends, is what prompted this whole post!)


Heather the Mama Duk said...

Only you would call a dog a cat and do it in a totally different language!

Natalie said...

That picture is hilarious!

Flea said...


Rebecca said...

hahahahahaha!!! Thanks for the laugh!

Sherri said...

That's so cute!! I can't believe how the cat is standing just like the man!!