Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Weather, It's A-Changin'!

In the interest of NOT going three months between posts, and because I'm sitting here at the kitchen table, waiting for the Winter Apocalypse, I decided that I'd just write a little post about what's going on here.

  • Apparently some nasty weather is heading our way. You don't even have to watch the weather to know this. I could tell just by going into Wal Mart and realizing that people have been stocking up on...everything, actually. One would think that the weather is somehow directly related to everyone's bowel and bladder evacuation because the TP aisle was looking a little thin. "Edna, snow's comin'. Better stock up on some toilet tissue! Oh yeah, and git some soup while you're up there!"
  • I had to cancel a Girls' Only Weekend with two of  my best girlfriends because of the weather, so I'm a little bitter about that. OK, a lot bitter. As in, I'll lament about it to anyone who will stand still for thirty seconds.
  • The ONE good thing about Winter Apocalypse 2010 is that every single stitch of clothing in our house is clean, with the exception of the clothes on our backs. I decided that if we were going to lose power - which I feel we are destined for because if someone so much as sneezes hard  in their backyard our power goes out - I at least wanted to be sitting in the dark in clean clothing. 
  • We are also well stocked up on propane for our little indoor space heater. Which may guarantee that we don't, in fact, lose power because I think that my level of preparedness directly affects whether or not bad things happen. It's not that I'm actually preparing  for power loss, it's that I'm thwarting  power loss by being completely prepared. If I were sitting here with no propane and a single can of soup with which to feed the entire family, then  we would lose power for sure. I'm maybe a little superstitious about this, I think. 
  • On another note, I'm getting ready to make cookies, which feels really domestic. I don't just usually make cookies out of the blue, but a friend of mine from church made these FANTASTIC cinnamon cookies for a party last weekend and she sent the recipe to me. I realized that I had all the ingredients and thought, "Why not?!" Is it the equivalent of fiddling while Rome burns? Baking while the city freezes?
  • Last note: we had history co-op yesterday and I hosted. We made charoset, which is an apple/cinnamon/honey/nut mixture used in Seder meals to represent the mortar with which the Jewish people bonded bricks. I also bought some matzoh for the kids to try. I've now finished off the remaining matzoh, thankyouverymuch. Apparantly, I really like the taste!


Mama Teaching 2 said... had me rolling with the TP comments. We had five minutes of flurries here in LA and all the TP and water was gone! HA HA

Stay warm and snug sweet people!

Heather the Mama Duk said...

The whole bad weather-TP thing cracks me up.

Rhonda said...

TP comment cracked me up. I just love your blogs.They have so much humor in them. Stay warm and I hope that the electricity stays up. WTG on all the preparing.