Thursday, January 21, 2010


I've been terribly lax in posting things about school on this blog. Apparently, my lack of blogging about school over on Morning Star was not  due to an inability to maintain two blogs, but was actually due to the fact that I find it more fun and interesting to blog about random things like cheese and poetry. (Not that I've actually blogged about cheese, but that was the first random word that popped into my mind.) I think that I also hesitate to blog about school because it's as though I jinx myself whenever I say that school is "going well". No sooner do I say that things are going "great" or "fantastic" or "smooth" than gremlins seem to take over and things go to pot. I find myself fantasizing about locking myself in my room and watching "Little Miss Perfect" all day long while The Kids run amok and swing from the chandeliers. (Ha! You thought I was going to say "fantasizing about sending them off to school elsewhere", didn't you?)
So, at the risk of putting a pox on our homeschooling journey, I will say that...things are going pretty well! It's not been at all like last year, with lots of fighting and strife, and I honestly have to say that the duct tape I make her wear over her mouth during school has worked wonders.  *snicker*
Oh, I kid! I kid! 
So....what are we doing in school that I can dazzle you with? 
*crickets chirping*
You know, here's the thing, and I may have mentioned this before. I think that the reason I don't blog about school very much is that I don't really feel like there's anything blog-worthy that we're doing. I mean, it's just school. Reilly does grammar, math, spelling, science, history, handwriting and map skills. In the last few months, she's written two five-paragraph expository essays and one three-paragraph persuasive essay. (Them's sum big 'ol  words there, huh?) They were well done for her age and she did them almost  independently. She's working on her multiplication facts and doing fairly well in that department. I mean, what else is there to say? It's school. The most fun thing that we do by far is our history co-op that we go to every other week. (However, I'm fairly sure that that meeting is as much for me and my girlfriends to get to be around other grown-ups as it is for actual history education.) 

OK, wait, wait! I DID have a funny moment today when I was giving Reilly her spelling test!  The format of the test is that I read the word and then use it in a sentence as she's writing.  Sometimes it becomes a race to see if she can finish writing her word before I finish my sentence. She often wins because sometimes I find it hard to find a use for, say, the word  nobleman. Today, one of her words was preacher. So I said the word and then promptly belted out, "THE ONLY BOY WHO COULD EV-ER REACH ME...WAS THE SON OF A PREACHER MAN!"  
She thought it was hilarious. Then, on the word teacher, I said, "I love being a teacher." 
She responded, "Even though you're a weird one!"
And I switched the sentence to, "Your teacher can flunk you at a moment's notice."
That was equally as hilarious.


Rhonda said...

Ahahahaha! Your blogs always crack me up and put a smile on my face. Duct tape......ahahahaha! I have thought of using that once or twice in our little homeschooling world.

Heather the Mama Duk said...

LOL Glad things are going well.

Mama Teaching 2 said...

Hee heee...

I love the duct tape idea!

And the spelling list story cracked me up. I love making up silly sentences with my boys. :) And I LOVED that song in highschool. I sang it all the time.

Sherri said...

I have totally failed with keeping up with homeschooling on my blog his year. Anyone looking at my blog would think that I am not schooling much at all this year. We ate..... I'm just slacking on reporting on it. I have got to do better!!!