Saturday, December 12, 2009

NOW it can be Christmas!

Well, if you've been reading here for any length of time, you might recall that I've posted in the past about making Million Dollar Fudge. This is absolutely the number one Christmas tradition in our family, bar none. In fact, it might be safe to say that Troy would rather do without presents on Christmas morning than do without M.D.F. (The Kids might not agree with that, though.)
Last year, I posted the following regarding M.D.F.:

"Making Million Dollar Fudge is an exercise in science because there's a whole lot of boiling of sugar and butter and evaporated milk to the exact perfect temperature for the exact length of time while the moon is in the seventh house of Jupiter and fairies and leprecauns dance on the lawn and it can all go south very quickly. Apparently on Friday, I had fairies and gnomes dancing on the lawn because when I poured the butter/sugar/milk mixture over the chocolate, I could tell very quickly that it wasn't going to turn into Million Dollar Fudge. It was, in fact, going to turn into Million Dollar Crap, because the temperature was very wrong and the chocolate went all wonky - that really is the best way to describe it. Honest. - and I had to throw it away. There's nothing that pierces the heart more than tossing seven pounds of lumpy, greasy, curdled-looking chocolate mixture into the trash. (Well, look at that. Apparently there is a better way to describe it than "wonky"! Who knew?) Especially when you know that the reason that it's called Million Dollar Fudge is because it costs about a million dollars to make."

I'm happy to say that this year, I succeeded in making the fudge on the first try! No lumpy, greasy, curdled-looking chocolate mixture to be found in MY kitchen!
However, as it was mixing, Troy called me out to the livingroom to watch a video on "free running" (which is amazing, by the way), so I stepped out of the kitchen for about 3 minutes, leaving the fudge to mix in my favorite kitchen appliance, the Kitchen Aid mixer. When I returned to the kitchen, what I DID find was the mixer with blade stopped and smoke pouring out of the back of it. 
Yes, I killed the mixer.
The fudge survived. So, for Troy, it now officially feels like Christmas.


Julie H. said...

Can you bring a piece to church tomorrow so I can taste? My curiosity is overflowing!

Flea said...

Yay! And yum. It's Christmas here when the eggnog is consumed. :)

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Oh, man! Glad the fudge worked... even if it killed the mixer. Yet another reason to be called Million Dollar Fudge. Kill enough KitchenAids and there's the million dollars.

Natalie said...

Oh yum, fudge!

Rhonda said...

You killed the mixer! Ahahahaha, you always crack me up! I am so happy to hear that even though you do not have the mixer anymore, you do have the fudge. I guess we know what you will be getting for Christmas this year. *wink*

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I would love to make fudge and have it come out right...I just don't think it will ever happen. My aunt used to make amazing fudge. She passed away suddenly in May and I really wish I could make some so we could all remember her fudge.

Karate Mom said...

I think that the key to it coming out right is DEFINITELY in the candy thermometer! I killed the fudge itself more than once before I got a candy thermometer!