Thursday, November 05, 2009

Stuff About Me

~ I almost always owe the library money for overdue books. It's a really good thing that one can't be banned from the library for consistently having books that are overdue, because they would have put me on a "Wanted" poster years ago. I don't know why it's virtually impossible for me to get my books back on time. Actually, It's probably the same gene that made it impossible to get movies back to Blockbuster. We always owed them money, too, which is why we switched to Netflix. It's way, way, waaaaay cheaper!
I joke that I should just have an account with the library that I can add money to every few months. Then they can take my overdue fees out of there and just contact me when it gets low. (Actually, I think that it really would be handy if I could pay them via PayPal.)

2. I do believe I'm addicted to those cheap animal crackers made by Stauffer's. You know, the ones that come in the ginormous bag that you can get for $1.89 from Wal Mart? I find myself continually drawn back to the siren song of crunchy, toasted, slightly sweet goodness again and again. Oh well, I guess it's better than continually raiding The Kid's Halloween candy and stealing their Snickers bars. (IN MY DEFENSE, before anyone gets mad at me for stealing The Good Stuff from my kids, Reilly doesn't like Snickers bars because she doesn't like nuts. So, I'm really just getting them off of her hands.)

3. I have a recurring dream in which I'm frantically trying to dial a phone because there's some sort of emergency and I keep mis-dialing and having to start over. The funny thing is that every single time I have that dream, in the dream I think, "Oh no, this is just like that dream I always have, only THIS TIME IT'S REAL!!" as I frantically try the number again.

4. I've had that dream for years. YEARS.

5. My dreams are so weird that I can remember them for years. Even when they're not recurring ones.

The End.
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Julie said...

We cleaned out our attic yesterday and found a library book that David checked out in 1988. It was kept neatly with other childhood books his mother thought we would want to keep. I took it back to the Tulsa library to pay our $1 fine and have a good laugh over it! The "smart" lady asked me if I had my husband's library card. Huh? From 20 years ago? She thought they might still be able to look it up under his name. Surely this book was not in a computer system back then.....I say. It still has the paper flap on the front with the due date stamped on it! Oh yeah, it's not even bar coded.....she said. Duh! 1988 lady! Her seriousness kind of took the fun out of it, but only kind of!

Butter said...

Luckily, because I can check our checked out books on-line, I rarely have fines.

I've had dreams where I think in my dream that it is a dream but the dream continues. Those are weird.

Sherri said...

That sounds like your "out of control" dream. Everyone seems to have one...some two, depending on the level of stress they are feeling. If I am a little stressed, I will dream that I am about to have a Math test and can't find my book or have been forgetting to go to class. If I am really stressed, I will dream that my teeth are falling out, and I can't stop them. I have had both of these dreams so many times, and they are always during high stress times in my life.
My twin sister's "out of control" dream is that a tornado is coming...she has that dream only when she is really stressed.
So, is that your "our of control" dream. Have you had it before?
I also owe money to the library at all times. I owe money right now. It is even worse now because they changed the fine from .10 a day for each book to .25...that's a big difference!!!