Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Random Dozen

Hi, there!
I read a blog called BensRib, which I really enjoy a lot. (She calls her grandson Sticky Bean, which is about the cutest nickname I've ever heard. And her kids are adorable, even though they're not little. They're all, like, college aged, I think.) ANYWAY, she often participates in a thing called Random Dozen which is hosted at a blog called 2nd Cup of Coffee. So, I liked the questions from this week and decided to participate!

1. Candy corn: Your thoughts?

I can take it or leave it, actually. I'll eat it if it's around, but that's not saying much because I'll pretty much eat ANY sweets that are sitting around. I've heard that if you mix candy corn and peanuts together, it tastes like a PayDay bar. I'll have to try it when I'm off my Extreme Diet. (P.S. I've lost 19 pounds!)

2. Briefly, what was the first conversation you ever had with your spouse? (or best friend, if you're not married.) (Or someone significant, like your librarian.)

I don't honestly remember the FIRST conversation with Troy, but I can say that it probably included some...ummm...inappropriate innuendo. From Troy, not from me. I was squeaky clean and the perfect angel and he was the devilishly handsome older man. He's changed a lot. Well, he's still devilishly handsome. Just not such a bad boy.

3. Could you ever become a vegetarian?

Only if vegetarians can eat huge, juicy steaks, medium rare. Otherwise, not on your life.

4. Have you ever dressed up your pet in a costume?

I will admit to putting Neko and Supey in a Hawaiian print Build-a-Bear shirt. It looks cute.

5. Name something about childhood that you miss (like Clark Bars, Teaberry Gum, Malibu Barbie, cracking fake eggs on people's heads with your fist and "It's the Great Pumpkin" airing only once a year).

No worries, no mortgage. Knowing that my parents were taking care of all of my needs.

6. Have you ever won a trophy? If not, what do you deserve a trophy for?

Yes, I've won a karate trophy at a tournament. Well, actually, I have two. But at the second tournament, everyone got a trophy, so it kind of feels like I didn't win it.

7. When do you think is the appropriate time to begin playing Christmas music each year?


8. What's your favorite board game?

Apples to Apples, or pretty much anything that's going to make us laugh a lot.

9. How do you feel about surprises (receiving, not giving)?

I love surprises! LOVE THEM!!!!!

10. Is it easy for you to say, "I'm sorry?"

HAHAHAHAHA! Yes, it is. I say it a lot, especially to my kids.

11. What is your favorite candle scent?

I love spicy scented candles, like you'd put out at Christmas. I had one that smelled like vanilla cookies, or something like that. It's nice to have the house smell like I'm baking something yummy, since I rarely actually do that!

12. October is traditionally "open house" time in public schools. If you had a literal open house in your home (like a reception) what light snacks would you serve visitors and what would you show them (as in art projects, graded papers) that would uniquely represent you?

I'd make my friend Jan's artichoke dip, and probably those little weenies in grape jelly/mustard sauce. Some Ro-Tel dip, for sure. Sweets, like brownies and cookies and stuff. Oh, and homemade French onion dip with chips. I love entertaining.
I might show off some of the videos that we've edited, especially the family ones. I love the video work we've done. I'd show off Troy, because he's my best friend.
And, I have to steal Karen's answer, because it's so very true:
"I would show them my kids. They are my life's work."

Hope you've enjoyed my Random Dozen!


Natalie said...

Congrats on dropping 19 lbs!!! Wow! Why didn't you tell me that the other day when we were talking...that's amazing! And I think you're the first person I've ever heard say that they are so-so about candy corn. Most either love it or hate it. Me=HATE IT!

Gourmet Candles Distributor said...

I just love scented candles this time of year! My favorite right now is pumpkin cheesecake and harvest time.

Then as we move in to the Christmas Season I like Holiday Cookies And Christmas Essence.

Heather the Mama Duk said...

We love Apples to Apples, too :)