Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Day in the Life...

So, this is how school seems to go lately:

KarateMom : OK, Reilly, now you're going to do your spelling journal entry.

Reilly : Waaaaah! I don't waaaant tooooo! It's tooo haaaaard! I can't thiiiiink of annyyything to wriiiiite!

(Note to reader: Her journal entry this morning basically consisted of writing about what rooms she would put into a castle if she could design a castle in any way she wanted. It was to be purely from her imagination.)

KarateMom : Reilly, if you don't stop complaining, I'm going to add more work for you to do.

Reilly : Waaaaah! You're not heeellllping meeee at alllllll! Waaaah!

KarateMom : OK, Reilly, we need to move onto something else. When we get finished with school, you can do your journal entry as well as writing twenty-five sentences because of your bad attitude.

Reilly : Waaaaahhhhh!

KarateMom : OK, now we're going to do Orange Book.

Reilly: Waaaaaah! I don't waaaaant to write another letteeerrrrrrrrr! Waaaaahhhhhh!

KarateMom : Hey, I just realized that you did today's lesson yesterday! You don't have to do Orange Book today.

(Whining magically stops.)

Fast forward to the end of school. We've done science, which was completely happy-happy-joy-joy because everyone LOVES science. It's sunshine and roses! We have completed grammar with no complaining at all.
I tell Reilly that she can go ahead and begin her journal entry. She asks if she can begin writing the sentences that she was assigned. I say sure, and write out "I will complete all of my schoolwork with a good attitude." for her to copy.

The storm begins again.


KarateMom, realizing that this is just leading into an argument, ignores the statement and continues entering things into Homeschool Tracker. Reilly begins writing, beginning to put the sentences one after another instead of starting each sentence on a new line. She also completely ignores the margin. KarateMom corrects Reilly.

Cue tears and yet more arguing. Reilly has ten sentences added to her twenty-five that she is to write, bringing her total to thirty-five sentences. All because she wouldn't just quit the bloody complaining.

I swear, sometimes I get to the end of school feeling like I've been beaten with a stick.


Julie Heritage said...

It's better than beating the child with a stick, which I've come close to doing. You're doing great! Hang in there!

Rhonda said...

We have had days like that too. Hang in there hon.

Ched said...

Hey, Babe
It was nice talking with you before I left this morning. I wish I could see you every morning. I'm so proud of your hard work with homeschooling. The kids (and you) are so blessed to get to spend so much of your daily life together. WOW-- Only 9 more years with R and 11 with D. Time goes so fast. I pray that we can truly understand the breadth of our time with them. (Soap Bubbles) I thank God that I won't have to be leaving in 11 yrs. I love you, and I love being with you. I excited about our concert date tonight, partly because of the music but mostly because I get to share it with you.

Butter said...

SOOOO been there.

And isn't your hubby just the sweetest?

LOL - My verification word is worries.

Mama Teaching 2 said...

HA HA...I was just having a conversation with DH over Eli along the lines of what you just wrote.