Thursday, September 03, 2009

I Know What Ice Fishing Is!!

I think that one of the best lines in the epic movie* "Titanic" is where Rose is hanging off the end of the ship, about to throw herself into the icy waters of the ocean, and Jack begins to talk to her about how cold the water will feel. He mentions ice fishing, starts to describe it, she snaps at him, "I know what ice fishing is!" and he says, "Sorry, you seem like more of an indoor girl." Makes me laugh every time.
Sometimes I feel guilty because, well, I'm more of an "indoor girl". I don't go hiking or biking or running. I don't go camping except about every three years. When we told people that we were going to Hot Springs for our anniversary, SO MANY PEOPLE responded with, "Oh, there are great hiking trails there!" and all I could think was, "Ummmm, ew. Hiking? In August? On a romantic anniversary vacation? Nu-uh. That's no vacation!" I wonder if I'm tainting my kids because we don't do these types of things as a family.
I am, however, working on teaching Declan to ride his bike without training wheels, so we've been outside quite a bit in the past couple of days. The weather has been fantastic, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Someone invented this fabulous contraption called a Buddy Bar (or something like that) which is a long metal handle you attach to the back of your kid's bike so you can hold on to them without killing your back. It makes it a lot easier, although I'm sure it's quite a site, seeing out-of-shape me, trotting along behind him.
(Ha ha! I say "out-of-shape" as though I was at one point in shape. I mean, I guess I'm a shape. Sort of round? Does that count?)
On a completely unrelated note, I bought a new phone off of eBay. Aaah, the bidding war was exciting! I can totally see how someone can become addicted to online auctions. The scheming, the waiting, the watching of the clock, palms sweating, holding your breath as you worry that someone is going to outbid you. Which, actually, is totally what I did. I waited until the last 30 seconds to put in my maximum bid so that nobody could outbid me! YEE HAW!
The only thing I'm worried about is the fact that I actually bought the phone from someone in Hong Kong. What if I get it and all of the numbers and phone text are in Chinese, so all I can actually do is answer calls that I get?

* I think that every time I've ever heard "Titanic" talked about, either in print or on T.V., it's described as "the epic movie", as though we'll forget the hugeness of the story. It's kind of like how, when an actor either wins or is nominated for an Oscar, they're forever known as an "Oscar nominee" or "Oscar winning actor". Even if they were nominated 50 years ago and nobody can remember what in the heck movie they were nominated for.
Or maybe it's not like that at all.
I can't believe I just ended a sentence in a preposition. And me a homeschooling mom and everything. For shame!


Julie Heritage said...

You know, the phone you are using now was probably made in China. However, it feels like it was made at Best Buy or Radio Shack because that's where they sell them!! Also, I saw your FB post. My favorite way to pack is to throw everything into a laundry basket and GO! We went for the first time last year. Make sure you bring things like towels and sheets. Also, bring marshmallow skewers (otherwise you have to wait and share) and kids scooters, skates, outdoor rolly things. It would have been a nice alternative to the cold creek. My kids' favorite part was swimming at 10pm in the pool. Our favorite part was putting them to bed in the cabin and then wandering off just the 2 of us to chat on a wooden swing! Kind of like a date! Can't wait! Also, who gets a 4 day weekend for Labor Day? Never heard of that.....

Heather the Mama Duk said...

I'm an indoor person, too.

Yay, Declan, for working on riding his bike!