Friday, August 28, 2009

All the noise, noise, noise, NOISE!

We've got quite a bit going on in our house this week! We're having a new floor installed! And, let me tell you, somehow I didn't expect it to be!

OK, sorry, little bit of overuse of exclamation points there. I think that maybe my brain is stuck in the mode of TALKING REALLY LOUD because of having to be heard over all the sawing and hammering and cursing. (Well, not so much the cursing, although I've heard a couple of salty words come out of one of the guys mouths. I may have to say something if I hear any more. Three strikes and you're out and all that. Although, he really can't be OUT because then, really, who would finish the floor. I'd be left with plywood and it's kind of splinter-y!)

Anyway, back to my story, told in typical Lisa-Style with waaay too many details, right?

So, for the past two days I've been here at the house while a crew of guys demolishes my kitchen floor and leaves a dusty mess. BUT, the end result will be fantabulous! Our old floor was one of those Pergo-type floors that looked like wood but wasn't. (I think that Pergo is sawdust smashed into planks, held together with marshmallow fluff, and then covered with fake paper that looks like wood. But what do I know?) We're not replacing it on a whim, we're actually replacing it because we had a couple of leaks from Bruiser the Refrigerator* and the floor was warped. And smelly. And we were worried that one of these days we'd all develop respiratory problems because of the mold.
And, whooo-EE, lemme tell you. When they pulled up the old floor - and the five layers of 30 year old linoleum that were UNDER the laminate - the house was some kind of stinky. I'm surprised the contractors didn't quit on the spot and tell us we were on our own!

I'm going to pause here and extol the virtues of the guys who are working on our house. They arrived at 9:00 yesterday, worked like dogs, took a 30 minute lunch, worked like dogs AGAIN until 5:30, and arrived promptly at 8:45 this morning. I think there are three things you need to have as a grown up - someone you trust implicitly to work on your house, someone you trust implicitly to work on your car, and a good computer geek who you can call to ask all your dumb computer questions. Me? I have all three!

So, below you'll see a slide show of the progress thus far. I feel kind of silly taking pictures during this process. I'm afraid that one of the burly, manly guys will laugh at me for blogging about my home remodel. (Or sue me for not paying him for the right to use his image!)

Side note: The picture of the "very very bottom layer" is actually the wood planks that make up the complete bottom of our entire house. There were big knot holes through which you could see the crawl space. I hate to think what things might have crawled up through them! *shudder*

Oh, I should say that we did our best to have school this morning, but it was really really hard to concentrate. So we did a few subjects, and then called it a day. The Kids were pleased.
* I feel compelled to mention that Bruiser is the fridge that we got such a great deal on. Remember? We only paid $350 for it? Well, the ice maker hose leaked TWICE, so, really? Bruiser cost us around $2500 when you add in the floor replacement! WHOOPEE!


Julie Heritage said...

Hey! Watch it with the "geek" reference. That's my magic man yo' talkin' about!

Can't wait to see the results!!

Karate Mom said...

OH! You know that I mean "geek" with the highest possible respect! The non-respectful term for a computer genius would be "computer moron"...which is what I am!!

Natalie said...

I think there's a fourth thing that you need as a grown up...a good babysitter! I'm still looking for one, and wishing I had a grandparent in town (they make the very best babysitters because they actually love your kids and they aren't as expensive as a regular babysitter :)

Rhonda said...

Oh I remember the remodeling of our kitchen. We also had to pull up the old floor and put a new one down because the people that had the house before us left an old fridge in the kitchen and it leaked all over the floor. I swear to this day I still have that smell in my nostrils. My kitchen does look real purdy though and my husband did a wonderful job! I love the new door and can't wait to see the finished product. :0)

Heather the Mama Duk said...

When we pulled up the carpet the underfloor stank something awful. Makes you really wonder what's going on under those floors. I bet it'll be so wonderful to have that floor all done.

Julie said...

Hey! We are still waiting to see the finished results. Don't keep them to yourself!