Friday, July 24, 2009

Update! Update!

OK, my friend Butter...really, actually, her name is Heather, but we all call her Butter. Well, I really don't call her anything because I've never met her in person because she's an online friend....ANYWAY, my friend Butter was asking about the Flip recorder because she had heard that the orders were being cancelled.
Here's the status on MY Flip recorder. I did get an email stating that my order had been cancelled because they had realized the glitch. BUT, I went to the website and (loooong story short) realized that my order was intact and is actually cheaper because I think they cancelled the "promotion" on that particular (over-priced!) case. I personally cancelled the case order, because it was still showing up on my order form but I'd not been charged for it yet, and I'm still getting the Flip recorder for $54. I DON'T KNOW how it works, but, here I was, expecting to spend $88 and now I'm only spending $60 with shipping. WORKS FOR ME!

Someone commented on Mir's site that she just couldn't take part in the buying frenzy because, to her, it felt wrong to take advantage of what we all were aware was a glitch. She said, "If I go through the grocery checkout, and the cashier forgets to ring up the soda I have underneath the cart, I don’t think - cool! free soda! I go back and tell her and have her ring it up and pay for it." I see it completely differently. If I go through the checkout at Target and the shirt I'm buying rings up for less than the posted price, I'm not going to stand there and argue with the cashier to pay the higher price. I assume that it's a glitch in their system, and go on my merry way. Heck, if it was a good enough deal, I'd probably have her ring up two!

What are your thoughts, Hobson? (Can anyone name the movie that's from?)

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Butter said...


I think them honoring the glitch is fair. If the cashier scanned the soda and it rang up for 5 cents. that would be very different from me not putting it on the belt at all. I see this like you do.

Yesterday, there was a glitch with an e-mail sent by Sonlight. The company was willing to stand by their error and offer the $25 off an order of $250 or more through midnight last night to all and not just those it was intended for. I was going to place an order - of $275 - tomorrow. I ordered last night instead and got the $25 off. I felt slightly like I was taking advantage, but they offered it and really it is fine to take advantage of something like that. I'd bet actually that Sonlight made way more than they lost by people placing quick, big orders. It just happened to be perfect timing for me.