Monday, July 06, 2009


How was everyone's Independence Day? Wonderful, I hope.
Ours was just fantastic, although I don't have any pictures to prove it because I forgot to take my camera to our celebration. I did take pictures on a friend's camera, although she's not so good at getting them OFF of her camera, so it might be two years before anyone actually SEE'S them. (Hee hee!)
We got together with two of my favorite families in the whole wide world, and we had a wonderful time. We ate and laughed and ate some more. Then we cooked out lots of meat (steak for me...YUM!) and ate that, then The Dads proceeded to shoot off some fireworks while The Moms cringed at the thought that one of them was going to blow a finger or two. (THEY were completely unconcerned about that because I'm sure they were being very careful, but it didn't help that we had been sharing blown-off finger stories at dinner.) Then The Moms took the kids up to the top of a hill in the neighborhood and watched some of the surrounding fireworks shows that were being held around town. It was a great view and allowed for full firework enjoyment without scaring the pants off of some of the kids who didn't like the volume of the fireworks show The Dads put on in the backyard!
Also, there was lightning, which was SO COOL (because it was also far away!) and was really like God's fireworks show for all of us.
Then we came home.
Now, before we left the house, we had put the dogs in their kennels as we usually do, but we forgot to put on some "white noise" to block out the sounds of fireworks. Holly is super sensitive to noises like thunder or fireworks and gets very nervous. But when we were at the Sheppard's house and realized that we'd forgotten, we didn't worry too much.
We were a little surprised when we walked in the door and Holly was in the livingroom.
And she was kind of crusty.
I go back into the bedroom to find the kennel completely moved across the room, with a hole chewed in the side and blood everywhere. The poor dog had apparently been in a complete panic and had been chewing on the kennel for who knows how long before managing to get herself out of it. I was so sad for her, thinking about her being so scared while we were gone!
She's fine now, although her muzzle is swollen and I'm sure it hurts a bit. She's able to eat and I've got medicine for pain and inflammation that was given to us for her hips a few years ago.

So, while we had a great holiday, Holly's left quite a bit to be desired. I'll have to remember to stock up on Doggie Prozac next year!


Flea said...

Poor baby dog! Mine hide in the tub. Sounds like you had a blast! Get it?

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Poor doggy!

Gwynne said...

Oh my gosh!! I thought my dog was the only one that did that!! But mine has less of a good reason she just has seperation anxiety. Silly I know but just like your pooch mine will find a way out one way or another!! I hope that you are having a great summer and hope to see you all on Friday!!