Tuesday, July 28, 2009


OK, I've become obsessed over two things.

(Hush, all of you who just said, "What? Only two things?" You know who you are...)

The first obsession revolves around the delivery of my Flip recorder. As we all know, one can track a package being delivered by UPS. I demonstrated that in my earlier post. The thing is, I know from previous experience that I can go online and KNOW WHEN IT'S ON THE TRUCK here in town. Then I will find myself jumping with anticipation each and every time Neko lets out even the smallest bark because I'll think that it's The Box Man at the curb. And, if you know poodles, they have no shortage of barks to let out. They're convinced that their Owners must know each and every time a leaf falls in the yard or a fly lands on the car outside. (Although, to Neko's defense, he's a lot less bark-y than JoJo was. A LOT less.)

The second obsession is over Google Maps street view. I've been looking at the map for where our B&B is in Hot Springs. I was able to look at the front of the house, then go around the corner and look at the side of the house. I was able to look at the surrounding houses. Then, of course, I had to look at MY house. It's fascinating!

OK, I'm done.


Flea said...

Sweet! A Flip! I'm sure you'll let us know how much you lurve it very shortly! And isn't Google maps street view the BOMB?

Heather the Mama Duk said...

I keep checking the FedEx tracking for my package from Sonlight. I know the feeling. As if checking it every couple hours will make it get here any sooner lol