Monday, June 15, 2009

Psycho Puff

Now, you may or may not remember, but back in April, I posted about how we had a feral mama cat who had her babies in our shed in the backyard. (Or maybe I didn't post about it...I don't remember. I know I put photos on Facebook, but I can't remember if I posted anything here. Am I getting senile?) There were three little gray kitties and one black one, and Animal Aid took three of them while my mom adopted one so that we could watch her grow up.

Introducing, Puff...or, as we lovingly refer to her PSYCHO Puff.

Don't be fooled by this benign, sweet picture. Psycho Puff is a beautiful gray, with gorgeous greeny-yellow eyes. She's very...ummm...playful. Unfortunately, when I say "playful", I really mean "you'd better use a toy becuase she will willingly sink her teeth and claws into any exposed or non exposed portion of you, especially if you try to pick her up".

This is how she usually looks:

She was quite literally stalking my face as I took that photo. This isn't a huge deal while she's still small, but I'm thinking it's going to be a bigger deal when she can actually fillet your leg with her teeth. Hopefully she'll grow out of it?


Rebecca said...

Awww...she's cute! :)

Flea said...

Oh she's gorgeous. She looks wild! And beautiful. :)

Heather the Mama Duk said...

She's pretty but she does look wild!