Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Now, that's a great way to start off a post, isn't it? That's my 13-month-old...ummm...second cousin?...I don't know, she's My Favorite Cousin's kid, so I'm not sure how that makes her related to me. I know that my kids call my cousin Aunt Natalie, but that's mainly because Second Cousin Natalie is a bit of a mouthful.
Anyway, Audrey is fantastically adorable, and I just wish they lived closer to us or we lived closer to them because I don't ever get to see them. Boo, hiss. (I'm so excited! Audrey's going to be a big sister to a little sister in August! Natalie's the cutest pregnant woman on God's green earth! Just go HERE and see!)

Now for some BULLETS!
  • Summer is going along just fantastically! I'm finally getting into the groove of balancing housework and things that NEED to be done with running around and being completely irresponsible and playing. I'm sure this is a relief to Troy, who I'm sure was getting tired of running out of underwear because I'd not done laundry in a week or having to wash a glass before he got a drink because there weren't any clean glasses in the cupboard.
  • Since we're going on a vacation in August, I've been mowing my mom's lawn to make a little bit of extra money. In addition, I called the guy who owns the empty house next door to see if he wanted to hire me to mow THAT lawn. He actually lived in the house for awhile a few years ago, so we kind of know him, so it wasn't as though I was calling a complete stranger to ask if I could mow the lawn. Because that would be weird. ALTHOUGH, that's not a bad idea...
  • Yesterday when I was mowing Bernie's lawn, I looked up to see Deco coming into the backyard, holding a cup. "I thought you might need a drink," he said. And, seeing as how it's eyeball meltingly hot, I certainly did. But, lemme tell you, even if I had just downed a gallon of water right before he walked up, I would have drank (drunk? drinked? drankded?) every drop of that water. Sometimes he is so sweet, it makes me melt.
  • Today I got up, worked out with a new exercise video I have, and then went to my mom's house and did her lawn, therefore sweating off probably a million calories in the heat. Then I completely undid all that hard work by going to my friend Julie's house where we had a Greek salad for lunch and homemade bakalava. I think I could have consumed that entire pan of bakalava.
  • My mom is coming back from Alaska tomorrow! (OK, so technically she's been in Seattle since Sunday, but she was in Alaska for the seven days prior to that.) And she's bringing my wonderful Aunt Linda with her! Let the wild rumpus START!!
  • My brother is getting ready to move back to Tulsa from St. Louis for six months to a year. This is exciting! It's been a looong time since he's lived here!
Good night!


Natalie said...

Awww, I wish we lived closer too. :( And I wish I was there for the wild rumbus with the mombs!

Very exciting news about Erin!

Lesley said...

So when do I get to see MY mom? Tell her to call me. Hahaha. :) (I want to be part of a wild rumpus as well!)

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Sounds like things are just lovely around your house :)