Friday, June 12, 2009


Hi! Hi! Hi!
I know, it's been FOR-EV-ER since I've written anything, but that's okay because I don't ever really say anything interesting anyway, so I know that you've not missed me too much, right? We wrapped up school two weeks ago and I've just been enjoying the sweet freedom of SUMMER!

FREEEEEEEE-DOM! *insert Mel Gibson Braveheart yell here*

I completely reorganized the school room, which led to a partial reorganization of my bedroom, so I feel like I've at least accomplished something of value this summer. ALL of our school books and supplies are now neatly contained in the closet in the schoolroom! Funny how much I love the feeling of opening the closet and seeing all of the things lined up in there, oh so neatly. I even went so far as to remove every single remnant of school stuff off of the table in the schoolroom, and every school decoration off of the walls. It now really looks just like a diningroom. (Oh, wait. No it doesn't. Most people don't have a map of the world up in their diningroom. But I didn't want to have to tack that up straight again because it was a PAIN to do it the first time.) Not that we didn't have a good year, I just don't really want to think about anything school related for at least a month or so.
Then I get to start planning the videography class I'm teaching at our co-op next year!

BUT, that's not why I'm excited, actually! I'm EXCITED because I just made the reservations for our anniversary trip we're going to take in August! WHOOPEE! Troy and I are going to go to Hot Springs for the weekend and stay in this wonderful bed and breakfast and have SO MUCH FUN!
I think that I may just bust from anticipating it all summer long!

OH, before I forget, here's a video of me doing my speed break for my blue belt test!



Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness! I feel like posting that all over the web with a sign that says "I know her!" Girl, you rock!

On the school note, let me just say that I AM JEALOUS!!!

Natalie said...

Oh, the anniversary trip sounds like fun!!! Can we come? Just kidding. :)

Impressive video too!

Motherbird said...

Very cool! Have a great trip!

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Congratulations for finishing the school year!

And I'm jealous about your anniversary trip!